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(Almost) Thirty eight

Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant. In a way it almost feels bittersweet. After three losses I never thought I would make it this far. And, as much as I’ve always wanted two children, I don’t know if I … Continue reading

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Ramblin’ Man

Two weeks ago I had my first growth scan at 23 weeks. My MFM specialist wants to see me monthly for growth scans throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. After the scan she said she had “No concerns!”. Baby Boy … Continue reading

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24 Weeks and Crankypants

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been cranky alllll day. The Husband and I got in a spat last night, mainly because I was not impressed with the speed at which he’s painting the nursery. I would help … Continue reading

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Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

Spring has been in full swing here in Massachusetts, and it’s finally been nice enough to spend time outdoors – running, reading on my back deck, gardening (my friend L and I rented a garden plot at the community garden … Continue reading

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I mean it’s one banana Michael. What could it cost, $10?

In a previous post I mentioned how I was reading It Starts With the Egg by Rebecca Fett. I’ve finished now, and actually passed it on to my work friend R. I think I mentioned how it was making me … Continue reading

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You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

So, I’m supposed to be putting together a Christmas list right now for The Husband. He is doing his shopping tonight and wants a list. As I’ve gotten older it’s been harder and harder for me to put together a … Continue reading

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