Advice Please!

As the title of this post suggests, I am looking for advice from my readers and friends! I will be leaving later this month for my first post-McLovin work trip. With taking a red eye home I will be away from him a total of five nights. I am trying not to focus on the emotional aspects surrounding this trip and am instead trying to focus on logistics, as I am still breastfeeding/pumping.

Any tips, tricks, advice for a breastfeeding mother who is traveling cross country? I’ve looked in to Milk Stork and FedEx cold shipping and they are pricey – I may end up using one of those services, however, I am also considering trying to just bring the milk home in a cooler in my checked luggage and/or carry on. I’ll have five days worth. Does TSA really give people that much of a hassle? I really don’t know what to expect as I’ve never done this before nor have I traveled with anyone who has had milk with them.

McLovin will be ~11 months while I’m away. I’ve made it this.close to a year of breastfeeding and pumping, and I’m not going to give up now. Travel be damned!

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Food for Thought

I received an email today from our genetic counselor, and the final question gave me pause – “Can you pinpoint anything in particular that helped you cope? I am always looking for insight, feedback and ways to coach students through supporting couples.”

I had a take a timeout from my indignant outrage over ridiculous statements from our president and the people in my social media feed sharing ridiculous memes. #TakeAKnee. And I’m still not sure I have an answer yet.

A major outlet for me was this blog, obviously. The simple act of getting my thoughts written and out of me, so to speak, helped. IRL I am much more reserved and not particularly verbose, and I haven’t shared much of this journey, the real in-depth feelings and emotions, with people in my every day life. Not many people know that I lost three babies, not just the one.  Sharing my journey here, and reading about other people’s journeys, was real eye opening and an immense help. And having The Husband’s support, obviously, it’s hard to get by without your partner. I think that goes without saying.

I’m am atheist and wasn’t relying on any deep faith, scripture or belief in a deity to help guide me. I didn’t go to a therapist. I didn’t have genetic testing results to help make decisions any easier (and, for those keeping track, two years after my last loss I still don’t have those damn results back yet).

I don’t feel like I have a real good answer to the question. I thought perhaps writing about it would help point me towards an answer, a thought, something. How does anyone cope through anything? How are the people in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean coping right now with their homes and livelihoods devastated? How do the families of service men and women overseas cope? How do the people of South Korea and Japan cope with an unstable neighbor who might or might not obliterate them? I guess you just do what you have to do.

It was just following a feeling in my gut that it wasn’t over and to keep going. Maybe it was belief in that helped me through.

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*Rolls eyes*


Anderson Cooper was me this morning.

So, I wake up this morning and do a big stretch, and grab my cell phone off the nightstand and turn it on. Today’s a holiday, and The Husband and I both have it off from work. On days when we are both off he handles the morning duties when McLovin wakes up, as I handle it during the work week. McLovin was nice to us and let us sleep in until 7am! Whoo!

I digress.

I check my email (is it sad that is one of the first things I do when I wake up if I’m not running in to McLovin’s room to greet him?) and then log in to my Facebook, and lo and behold am greeted by the news that THERE IS A THIRD ROYAL BABY! I swear, there were ten posts about it right in a row – People, AP News, some of my friends.

Perhaps this is my bitter recurrent pregnancy loss self talking, but who cares? I don’t live in the UK, the “Royal Family” means nothing to me. They aren’t my royals. I don’t care to see it splashed around everywhere. And now we’ll get to see how perfect “The Duchess” looks in all of her maternity wear, and she’ll hardly gain any weight and look amazing  the whole time. And in a few months their cute, perfect little family will be even cuter. Gag.

I guess maybe I’m especially sensitive to it because September is a hard-ish month around these parts – yes, fall is coming and Patriots football season is starting and our wedding anniversary is this month, but I also lost two of my pregnancies in September (September 11th and 18th to be exact.) And, she of the group text message hostage situation announced on Facebook earlier this week that she is 30 weeks pregnant with her second daughter. Her first child wasn’t even one year old and she was pregnant again. I wonder what it’s like to just have healthy pregnancies one after another like that?

I spent the morning doing landscaping yard work with The Husband while McLovin napped, as we are moving forward with putting our house on the market and wanted the yard to look good for pictures. Excuse my tired, cranky, bitter post. Hopefully after some alone time in a nice hot shower and a good think I’ll have a bit more perspective.

Until then, memes!





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Life Lately

Life Lately:

  • Still on the house hunt. We’ve been to several open houses, several private showings. We put an offer in on a house, but unfortunately our offer was rejected (although it was highest) because we had the contingency of selling our current house. As it happens my mother and step-father were thinking of selling and downsizing, as they don’t require 2+ acres of land, a pool and three bedrooms any longer. It’s in our hometown and we’ve always wanted to move back there, so it is looking like we are going to be buying that house, the house I grew up in. Still working out the details.
  • My boss has asked me about going on my first trip post-maternity leave. It’s clear across the country and I’d be gone four nights. I knew the this would happen eventually, but still my stomach dropped and I felt a sense of panic when she first brought it up. She made it clear that, it is not required and she understands I have obligations at home now, but she wanted to give me the opportunity to travel and network at this trade event especially because it’s a fun location. I want to go, because although I hate flying I do enjoy traveling and visiting new places. But now I have McLovin and the thought of leaving him makes me want to cry. We are still breastfeeding. He is still waking once a night. I am still pumping. I know all of these things can be managed, and The Husband would do fine caring for him, and we’d still have our daytime caregivers to help, etc. etc. But I so enjoy breastfeeding and I don’t want him to suddenly wean and never nurse again because I am not there, or have my supply drop or something because I am away. Obviously I would still have to pump, and again I know it’s totally do-able and there are plenty of websites that have great advice on this sort of thing, but I still worry. And just being away, and not being able to hold him or hug him every day. I know sooner or later the time will come where we will be apart, whether a sleepover at his grandmother’s or at a friend’s or work travel or leisure travel, and I will have to deal with it eventually. Is it better to do it now while he’s still young-ish or wait until he’s a bit older? I don’t know. I will supposed to do this same trip back in October 2014, and even had it booked – but then I went through my second pregnancy loss/D&E, went out on medical leave for two weeks after because I wasn’t ready to return to work, and when I came back my boss gave me the out – saying I didn’t have to go if I wasn’t ready after my procedure (she didn’t know what I was even pregnant or what happened, I just told her it was a “medical situation”). I took the out and cancelled the trip then. Last year I couldn’t go because my doctor didn’t want me to travel so late in my pregnancy (I was 34 weeks at the time.) So now this is my third crack at it and I kind of feel like I should go, and I would have already said yes if not for McLovin.
  • The Husband leaves for his destination wedding this weekend. McLovin and I are staying home. There has been all sorts of additional drama, from being told that he would be sharing a room with other groomsmen to then being told the bride’s family didn’t reserve enough rooms and The Husband was on his own (he’s not even staying at the same hotel as everyone else now), to not being given the correct itinerary for when the events were taking place, to being told he’d have a free day to golf and now he wont and ridiculously expensive suit and shoes to purchase. Oh yeah, and his aunt has evidently been butting heads with the bride and doesn’t approve of their first dance song. I am just sick of hearing about it and ready for it to be over!! I will say I feel less bothered by it now then I did last year, but I still feel bad for The Husband that he was dragged in to all of this and doesn’t like to say “No.” I am not looking forward to having one less set of hands to help me at night but we’ll manage.
  • Currently reading: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. How do I get any reading done? While I’m pumping at work or during McLovin’s morning nap on my days off.
  • We went on our Martha’s Vineyard vacation last month. So fun. We did it all with McLovin – visited the alpacas, The Flying Horses Carousel, the beach, ate lunch on the porch at the Chilmark Store, visited Menemsha, Nancy’s, Donovan’s Reef sans Donovan (sad face!), Back Door Donuts, Gay Head Cliffs, shopped (a lot), and visited our stone at the Children’s Memorial at the Edgartown Lighthouse. That last activity was very bittersweet. McLovin is obviously too young to understand, but I talked to him about it and what it means to us, and how we don’t have a site where our babies are buried but we consider the Lighthouse to be that place where we can go to “visit them”, so to speak. We had a blast and have already booked our rental for next year!


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Words Matter

I think I made clear my feelings, before and after the election of 2016, with no room for ambiguity. Since the inauguration I’ve vacillated between feelings of anger and sadness at what has been transpiring across the country. From backing out of the Paris Agreement, to announcing a Transgender Ban in the military,  Travel Ban, to the philosophy of letting the ACA “implode”, to the Twitter rants and lies after lies after lies… I’ve felt mostly anger. I have had so many thoughts bouncing in my head recently and I’m going to try and put them here, and hope it makes some sort of sense.

Now I just feel sadness.  How could my fellow country-men elect someone with no empathy, no sense of justice, no humility? The erratic behavior? And the moral equivocation after the events in Charlottesville? The “wink wink” to the white supremacists, the employing of folks like Steve Bannon, the violent rhetoric? Emboldening fringe hate groups? I am sad and disgusted beyond belief.

It’s now at the point where I have trouble maintaining relationships with family and friends who I know voted for and/or continue to support this man. To sell away your sense of moral decency for a few extra bucks in their pay check. It’s not “just politics” to me – it speaks to your world view and what you value. I can’t get past that some people I know and love would have such a high tolerance for bigotry and hatred. Nobody should be surprised about the turmoil that occurred this past weekend and his actions since then – if you paid attention to his words during the campaign and to the people he surrounds himself with, it was crystal clear then and is crystal clear now. No surprises. He has never given any indication that he would pivot or start acting “more presidential” so to vote for him in hopes that it would happen was a fool’s errand.

My son is white. He is already beginning his life with that “white male privilege.” Every day I put thought in to how I can raise him to be a good man and to care for others, empathize with them and be considerate of them – people of different faiths, people of different cultures, people who don’t have his advantages. When I see what happened in Charlottesville and I see how the “man” elected to the highest office in the land behaves and the words that come out of his mouth, I feel sad. Shouldn’t a president be a role model, or at least be a decent human being? Shouldn’t he have a moral compass and inspire people, challenge them to be better? My answer is YES – absolutely they should be. Unfortunately right now that is not the case, and won’t be anytime soon. I am sad that he is inheriting a world where this is happening – where people voted for someone, to the highest office of the land no less, who condones this behavior. I am sad that I have friends and coworkers who are Jewish, LGBTQIA, black, who might be feeling unsafe or living with worry, wondering why the man elected to represent them can’t support them and has abandoned them.

Then I come home from work, and say “Hi McLovin” as I walk through the door… and he turns in sees me and smiles, then grunts as he army crawls to me as quick as he can. And I pick him up and hug him, and tell him I love him. My heart melts and the world seems less harsh, less sad for a moment. I guess these moments of love, and using my voice to speak up for the injustices I see, are the best I can do for him and the future I want for him right now.

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Today is the three year “anniversary” of my first due date.

It’s different this year, for sure, with McLovin here. I still feel cheated, I still feel a longing. But the edges are a little smoother, it’s less bitter and more bittersweet. I don’t feel like laying in bed and shutting out the world like I have in the past.


I now know what I missed out on. Every child is different, and I think I probably mother McLovin differently than I would have if I hadn’t experienced loss, so I’m sure the experience I am having now is not the experience I would have had then. But I now know what it feels like to see my child smile at me. I now know what it feels like to see my child army crawl. I now know what it feels like to come home from work and see my child smile and squeal and reach out to me. I now know what it feels like to go through the same bed time routine every night and never feel bored with it. I know what it feels like to watch him sleep on the monitor. I know what it feels like to love a living child.

And it makes me sad that I didn’t get to experience this with my first three babies. Why? Why were they not able to survive? Why was I not able to love them like this? Why did they not get the chance to be someone and live a life? McLovin is everything to me, and he’s done so much to heal me, and I love him so very, very much. But the scars will always be there. He doesn’t replace the three babies I lost and he doesn’t make the memories or scars disappear.

I realize that, there’s no way all three of them could have all been born live. The timing is way off. I realize that McLovin would not be here if my third pregnancy had been viable and resulted in a child. I realize that my second baby would not have been conceived if my first baby had been viable.

It’s still a hard day. July 21st will always be a day seared in my brain. I see boys around three years of age and I wonder (because I always felt my first baby was a boy.)




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Thought of the Night


I’ve become a big fan of The Milk Meg. Just enough facts, insight and humor to keep me entertained.


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Eight Months

This weekend my little McLovin is eight months old. Two thirds of a year. Eight months has flown by. It never went so fast when we were in the midst of the struggle and felt like we’d never get out. Now, when we want time to slow down, it speeds up. We are enjoying our summer, and I am enjoying taking random vacation days off from work to spend with him. We’ve been to zoos, walking in parks, swimming, taking in all the beautiful sights that summer offers.


Colt State Park, Rhode Island

He is so much more interactive now, and smiling and army crawling. Sitting up on his own (he won’t pull himself up, but he’ll stay sitting when we put him down.) When he gives me real laughter and squeals it makes my heart skip a beat – he’s always smiling but he’s stingy with his REAL laughs. He’s so much fun, but every day I think – he won’t be this little again. As little as he is today. So I take lots of pictures and give him lots of hugs and, he’s still up once a night, but I don’t care because in the silence and darkness I hold him as we sit in the glider and think of how lucky I am to have him, how lucky I am to be his mom. He’s a happy baby and I wonder where he gets it from, because I was told I was NOT a happy baby – very fussy and needed to be rocked all the time, up every two hours at night, and even now I’m much more of a reserved person, a pessimist with a RBF. I’m glad he doesn’t have my mean mug. 🙂

I don’t know how much he weighs or his length, as he hasn’t been weighed/measured since his six month visit. I can see that he’s growing by the way his clothes and diapers fit. We are still breastfeeding and it’s still, in my opinion, one of the best aspects of our relationship. There are some days when it feels like he is just constantly attached to me, but those days are not typical.

We had our first beach vacation last month, to New Hampshire. Our annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard is later this summer. McLovin had his feet dipped in the ocean, and was not too pleased as the ocean temperature was 49 degrees. He promptly wailed and cried when the first wave rolled up over his feet. He did well considering we did not keep to his home schedule much, and he was in a strange place. He was up SUPER early every morning because the beach cottage does not have room darkening curtains or drapes, so it was very bright as soon as the sun rose. I popped him in a carrier and we did an early morning beach stroll, then I’d head to Dunkin Donuts and be back in time for breakfast with the family. It felt so normal to have him there, as if he had always been vacationing with us. I had a lot of help from grandparents, cousins and aunts so all in all our first trip away from home wasn’t too stressful. I may have possibly overpacked BUT wanted to be ready for anything!


Rainbow after an evening thunderstorm


Walked three miles every morning




Sunrise over the Atlantic

We’ve been going to the pool at my mother’s house to practice or swimming skills and stay acclimated to the water, and we went to see fireworks in my hometown with my best friend M and some of her family and our mutual friends. McLovin slept through the entire fireworks show, which I was pleasantly surprised! Actually a bit shocked. We usually keep him close to a 7PM bedtime, but we made some exceptions for vacation/Independence Day celebrations. He didn’t seem to have any problems going back to his normal schedule after the off days.

I mentioned many moons ago that we were looking at new houses. As the pregnancy progressed last year we stopped looking as it was too stressful being pregnant and house hunting. Well, we are looking again and in fact put an offer in on a house earlier this week, which was rejected as someone offered full cash, which is better than having a percentage financed with a mortgage. Ugh. But we’ve since looked at two other houses, neither of which impressed me. We’ve discussed purchasing my mother’s house, but she hasn’t been able to find a smaller house that she likes yet (she’s sick of maintaining a larger house and yard and wants to downsize.) So, it’s all a bit up in the air but we are looking at our options.

We are enjoying the days and the passing of time.  He is my little love.


Enjoying mimosas during brunch with K


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June 1, 2016


Weight check: up three pounds.

I heard the heartbeat at our doctor’s appointment yesterday… in the 160’s and strong! Best moment of my week so far.

I still want a turkey sandwiches and I miss feeling fit. I feel like a slob-kebob right now. Today I was craving KFC potato wedges… yuck I know, but it’s not like I eat it everyday! But then I will randomly feel like gagging out of nowhere

My “feeling” was right…. the NIPT revealed this baby is a BOY! I told E that I was beside myself with happiness. It’s so funny how it happened – I woke up in the morning thinking of her out of nowhere. Then, in the afternoon I got a call from her and she said she FINALLY was calling with wonderful news and told us everything was normal. She asked if we wanted to know the gender – I told her I needed to ask The Husband. We agreed to find out, but we wanted to find out together. So we had her email me the results. Then I finished out the workday, went to yoga, picked up Burger King on the way home (allowing myself to eat junk to celebrate the good news) and we opened the email after I walked in the door. Believe me, I was itching to open it sooner and I am so proud of myself for holding out.

Symptoms check: Some lower abdominal discomfort…. Not cramps but a stretching/pulling feeling…. Peeing a lot…. Boobies are bigger, and even my step-father mentioned it to my mother this weekend after a Memorial Day pool party at their house… evidently he didn’t realize larger breasts were a pregnancy symptom! He asked my mom if it was healthy for me to get implants while I was pregnant… hahahaah!

Next step: our early anatomy scan in a week and a half (16 weeks exactly) and hopefully hearing that he has two working kidneys and there are no major issues!!! Please please please!

I suppose at some point I should share this news on the blog. Maybe actually hit “Publish” on one of these posts instead of leaving it in my Drafts folder. I’m not sure when it will feel right.

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McLovin: Six Months

My little man has made it halfway around the sun (and a little further at this point.) He is doing well and being with him is the best part of my days.

At his six month visit he weighed in at 16lbs., and is right on his growth chart curves at ~23rd percentile for weight and height, and 12th percentile OFC. His doctor said he has no concerns with his growth.

We’ve started introducing solids following the Baby Led Weaning method. He has taken a great interest in touching, playing with and sucking on different foods but hasn’t really ingested much! He’s had avocado, carrots, cucumber, green beans and strawberries. It’s fun to watch him explore, and he loves sitting in his high chair with us at dinner times. He hasn’t taken much interest in his sippy cup yet but loves playing with his plastic spoons. We are still breastfeeding, and it’s one of the best parts of our relationship and being his mother (in my opinion.) During the work day he is bottle fed on a schedule, but when we are together (weekends, days off) we nurse on demand. My original goal was two weeks, then that turned into a month, then that turned in to three months (my original stretch goal) and now we are at six months. I would love to make it a year, or longer, if the universe cooperates. I have a “stud and a dud” – now I get basically nothing out of my left side, meanwhile I can get 4 or 5 oz. out of my right side during a pumping session. He has always preferred my right side, and I would try to get him to take the left and he would either fuss and fuss or only nurse for two or three minutes. At this point I’ve just kind of given up. He’s getting all he needs from the right and I don’t feel like forcing the issue.



We still have some room for improvement with his sleep. He’s usually up at least once, sometimes twice a night still. The good thing is that he nurses then goes right back to sleep – he isn’t up crying for an hour, or wanting to play. His wakings last 10, 15 minutes tops. The pediatrician made a comment during his six month visit that he’d like to hear that he’s sleeping through the night by the time we come in for his nine month check up and that he thinks he’s still waking because he’s hungry, as he isn’t getting much (if anything) in solids right now. Believe me, nobody would like to report he’s sleeping through the night more than me! Especially given I am working full time. I am managing though, and I remind myself each day that this period in his life is small in the long run, in the long arc. And every time he wakes up, and after I realize that he isn’t going to put himself back to sleep, I tell him I love him and try to think about these moments as special times between the two of us. I read a quote that another blogger friend put on Instagram (below) and I think it helped me put things in perspective. One day he won’t want to nurse. One day he won’t need me to hold and care for him like this. I don’t want to rush him and wish away the times he needs or wants love and nursing like this, because I know one day I will miss it. It seems stupid to say that when I would love for a solid 8 hour sleep stretch right now, but it’s true. He’s also taken to occasionally rolling on to his stomach during sleep, which still scares me but I am trying to just relax and let him do his thing. I know it’s safer now that he can roll both ways, and I can see that his head is turned and airway open, but it still gets me a little agitated from time to time.


He loves playing and his favorite toys are his rattles and soft books. He’s become a tummy time rockstar, and lately no sooner do I put him down on his back and he’s rolled over and reaching for his toys. He can sit up for a (very) small length of time doing the tripod position.

So, that’s the short story of McLovin at six months. I love being his mommy.


Happy Mothers Day to me… cookie dough ice cream 🙂

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