D&E #3

Thursday – Picked up prescription for misoprostol for the next morning. No food after midnight. I was early enough along that no laminaria were required (anyone who has had laminaria inserted in their cervix will understand why I would be grateful for that.)

Friday – As my procedure was schedule at 2:30PM, could drink clear liquids (water, apple juice, cranberry juice) up until 9AM. Arrived at hospital at 12:30PM for pre-procedure appointment with Dr. T and E. Sign paperwork (the paperwork “The Republicans make us sign” as E put it), go over questions and testing options. Had call with Boston Children’s Hospital to go over their research study which would include full exome sequencing. By this time I was feeling cramps from the misoprostol.

After the call with BCH E brought us upstairs where we checked in for the procedure and were immediately brought to a private waiting room. After about 5 minutes a nurse brought us back to the PACU area, we said bye to E, and I was brought to the bathroom to change into hospital gown, socks, etc. Anesthesiologists came by (two I think), Dr. T came by to check in, and our nurse C was with us to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be (she was INCREDIBLE.) Another nurse came in to put in my IV – it was a little drawn out as my vein collapsed. The hospital chaplain visited with us and said a prayer of comfort.  The OR was running late and I was extremely “hangry” given that I was going on almost 24 hours with no food, and I was given some medication by IV (I don’t know what) to help me relax. And it worked quick because one moment I was sitting up talking, and the next I was ready to lie down and take a nap. My procedure was scheduled for 2:30 it was closer to 2:50 when I was wheeled to the OR. I don’t remember where on the way to the OR I said bye to The Husband, but he was with us when they started wheeling me and the next I was in a hallway and he wasn’t there. t remember being wheeled into the OR, and I remember being transferred to a different bed and the arm rails were not up and they were telling me not to  move suddenly, and that is the last memory I have before waking up back in the PACU recovery area.

I did not have any headaches or cramping when I woke up, and true to her word C got me buttered toast, a cup of tea and water once I was alert enough to eat. It was the best damn toast I ever had in my life.

After care: Pelvic rest for 2 weeks (no tampons, no douching, no vaginal intercourse). No baths for 1 week, showers okay. Activity as tolerated. Exercise as tolerated, avoid strenuous activity for 1 week. No alcohol for 24 hours. Do not drive, make legal decisions or return to work for 24 hours.

I did not miss any work.

Date                Service                               Billed Amt.        Out of Pocket

9/18/15            OR                                            2,916.00              0.00

9/18/15            Chemistry                             686.00                 0.00

9/18/15            Lab – Pathological              369.00                 0.00

9/18/15            Anesthesia                            1,160.00              307.43

9/18/15            Laboratory                            221.00                  0.00

9/18/15            Laboratory                            221.00                  0.00

9/18/15            Ultrasound (Hospital)      205.00                  0.00

9/18/15            Lab – Pathological              130.00                  0.00

9/18/15            Chemistry                             84.00                    0.00

9/18/15           Chemistry                              70.00                    0.00

9/18/15           Laboratory                             67.00                    0.00

9/18/15          Hematology                           63.00                     0.00

9/18/15          Surgical Pathology               175.00                  0.00

9/18/15          Surgical Pathology               80.00                   0.00

9/18/15          Surgery (Dr. T)                      1,202.13                491.79

9/18/15          Diagnostic US (Dr. T)          196.77                  0.00

9/18/15          Lab Tests                                 1,400.00              0.00

                                                                         9,245.90           799.22