D&E #2

Wednesday- Pre-procedure appointment with Dr. R. Sign paperwork, go over questions. Dr. R performed the first D&E so we were familiar with each other. She did her best to get us in and out quickly. We were familiar with the procedure, and this time it was “less involved” as I wasn’t as far along (13 weeks vs. 19 weeks.) I didn’t require laminaria, and I was so thankful for that. So thankful. She gave me two misoprostol to take the following morning as we drove in to the hospital.

After meeting with her we met with genetic counseling, the same counselor we met the week prior to go over the risks of this pregnancy. We agreed to karotype testing for The Husband and for me, and to microarray analysis on the “products of conception” (their words, not mine.) Signed more paperwork. We then went to have our bloodwork drawn. No eating or drinking after midnight.

Thursday – Had to be at the hospital by 8AM. Seeing as we had to drive in to Boston, and the commute is notoriously terrible in the mornings from the south, we left at about 6:15AM. I took the misoprostol (2 pills of 200 mcg each) by putting them between my cheek and gum at around 6:45AM. We arrived at the hospital at around 8:10. I had to wait about 50 minutes before I was called. I met with Dr. R’s nurse S, then with anesthesiology, then had the IV inserted and was ready to go. They allowed The Husband in to see me before the procedure. The anesthesia protocol was the same as the first procedure. I was given an antibiotic by IV that morning rather than taking the pill the evening before (which is what happened with the first procedure.) The procedure was performed in the same room as the first. It was Dr. R, her resident, the anesthesiology resident, anesthesiologist and nurse S. Once they told me they were starting the IV to sedate me S held my hand and the last thing I remember was feeling dizzy. Then I was out. The next thing I remember is being moved to a bed and asking the anesthesiologist – “Who are you?” I came out of the sedation fine, except with a headache and cramping and they gave me some pain meds through my IV. I got some ginger ale and some graham crackers to munch on while recovering. I was discharged at 11:10AM.

After care: Pelvic rest for 2 weeks (no tampons, no douching, no vaginal intercourse). No baths for 1 week, showers okay. Activity as tolerated. Exercise as tolerated, avoid strenuous activity for 1 week. Pain medication due at 3PM (Motrin). No alcohol for 24 hours. Do not drive, make legal decisions or return to work for 24 hours.

I was out of work September 8 – September 18 (ten calendar days) and went on short term disability – at my office, we are required to go on short term disability for any absence seven calendar days or longer. There were no issues with the disability, except for the fact that I was double billed for some of my benefits during the ten days – charged by my employer and the insurance agency. My employer was quick to refund me.

Date Service Billed Amt. Out of Pocket
9/10/14 Office Visit – Dr. R 238.00 27.14
9/10/14 Gynecology Clinic Visit 456.00 16.90
9/10/14 Immunology 59.00 0.00
9/10/14 Hematology 41.00 0.00
9/10/14 Laboratory 32.00 0.00
9/10/14 Laboratory 32.00 0.00
9/10/14 Laboratory 31.00 0.00
9/10/14 Pharmacy 5.00 0.74
9/11/14 Histology 167.00 23.29
9/11/14 Operating Room 1,872.00 332.34
9/11/14 Surgery 562.00 72.63
9/11/14 Diagnostic Ultrasound 178.00 0.00
9/11/14 Anesthesia 700.00 114.91
4,373.00 587.95

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