D&E #1

Tuesday – Pre-procedure appointment with Dr. R and her nurse S. She talked to me about my options and if I understood the diagnosis. Sign paperwork, go over questions. I declined having any genetic testing done on the baby. The Husband left the room and Dr. R inserted laminaria in my cervix to help with dilation and to soften it. This, by far, was the worst experience (physically) of the whole procedure. I was already upset and this made everything worse for me. At one point I felt lightheaded and dizzy after they were inserted. I was given a prescription of oxy to fill if I needed it. I was also given two pills of misoprostol to take the next morning. After this I went upstairs to the lab to have blood drawn, then home. I was told I could go about my daily activities but the cramping was so bad that I couldn’t do much other than lay in bed or on the recliner. I took ibuprofen at one point and vomited about half an hour later, so the The Husband went and had the oxy prescription filled and picked up a heating pad. When he came home I took the oxy and it dulled the pain and cramping, but didn’t make it go away. I was also given an antibiotic that I took the night before the procedure to prevent infection. I could shower but not take a bath, no eating or drinking after midnight. I didn’t sleep very well – although I was taking the oxy it really just dulled the pain and as soon as it wore off I was awake.

Wednesday- Had to be at the hospital by 7AM. Due to the traffic when going in to the city from the south we left at 5:30AM. I took the misoprostol (2 pills of 200 mcg each) by putting them between my cheek and gum at around 6:30AM.  Dr. R asked if her resident could be in the room for the procedure, as it is a teaching hospital, and I said yes. Then they allowed The Husband in to see me before I had the procedure. I was already hooked up to the IV and with the big silly gown on and he said I looked so very small sitting in that big chair with all of that around me. I met with two different people from anesthesiology, the nurse, Dr. R for a few minutes each before going in. Then the husband left and we went in to the procedure room and it all happened rather quickly from there.  I could feel myself slipping when they started the IV drip and S held my hand – I think I said I was scared. Then I was out. The procedure lasted 30 min. if that. The next thing I remember is waking up in a recovery room and The Husband was there. He said I was so sweet when I was still coming out of the sedation – asking if I was okay, over and over, asking what time it was, over and over. Asking him to call my father and tell him I was awake. I vaguely remember some of these things. The nurse in the PACU was an older woman, very outgoing and very kind.  I got some ginger ale and some graham crackers to eat and was discharged at 10:40AM.

After care: Pelvic rest for 2 weeks (no tampons, no douching, no vaginal intercourse). No baths for 1 week, showers okay. Activity as tolerated. Exercise as tolerated, avoid strenuous activity for 1 week. Pain medication due at 3PM (Motrin). No alcohol for 24 hours. Do not drive, make legal decisions or return to work for 24 hours.

I was out of work February 24 and returned March 3 (a week later.)

Date Service Billed Amt. Out of Pocket
2/25/14 Surgery (Dilator Insertion) 125.00 78.03
2/25/14 Office Visit 238.00 57.16
2/25/14 Hospital Services 1,567.00 251.70
2/25/14 Laboratory 61.00 3.37
2/25/14 Immunology 57.00 8.54
2/25/14 Laboratory 27.00 3.75
2/25/14 Hematology 27.00 3.78
2/25/14 Laboratory 27.00 0.00
2/26/14 Anesthesia 700.00 114.91
2/26/14 Surgery 987.00 633.86
2/26/14 Diagnostic Ultrasound 178.00 0.00
2/26/14 Operating Room 1,944.00 332.34
2/26/14 Histology 129.00 23.29
2/26/14 Med/Surgical Supply 33.00 4.89
6,100.00 1,515.62

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