Almost 38

“One day at a time.”

That’s what I’ve been telling people when they ask how I’m doing as we hit these warmer weeks. Although, yesterday was raining and cold so it seems as though southern New England has not fully committed to summer weather yet.

I’ll be 38 weeks along on Sunday. McLovin was born at 38 weeks 2 days, as I was induced that morning due to low fluid and he was born 11 hours later. I’ve been having a weekly biophysical profile with MFM and a weekly NST with my OB, and before each appointment I mentally brace myself in case I need to be sent right to L+D again. All of the appointments have been going well though, no concerns, and that’s what’s important. RBG is growing on track and at last check was in the 52nd percentile. I’ve surpassed my heaviest weight with McLovin and am trying to just embrace it and not worry too much.

Two appointments a week can be overwhelming, especially since I’m still working full time. And my job and work environment/culture has not gotten any less stressful or anxiety reducing since I last wrote about it. So my OB wrote me a note this past Thursday recommending I work from home for the remainder of my pregnancy. I’m relieved. My team won’t be, but we have a temp who started last week to help since my best employee gave her notice and left as of two weeks ago. It sucks that I haven’t had a lot of time with him myself in person to train him, since he’ll be covering some of my responsibilities until I’m back, but such is life.

As for preparations/progress: the infant car seat is cleaned and installed, the newborn clothes are washed and organized, and my hospital bag is about halfway packed. McLovin has enjoyed seeing the infant seat in the car with him and is excited that “Sister is going to sit with me!” Still need to get the bassinet cleaned and put together in our bedroom and the pack ‘n play cleaned and put together for the living room. I am hoping we get that done this weekend, but it’s Father’s Day so The Husband has golf plans on Saturday and is insisting on hosting a Father’s Day breakfast here for his family (parents, one set of grandparents, aunt, cousin and his wife), a breakfast of which I want NO PART. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I’m not cooking, or cleaning, or otherwise doing any preparations for this and I honestly wish it weren’t happening. I don’t want to entertain them or deal with it. I want to keep moving on getting things ready and check items off our to do list. And which I’ve well documented on this here blog of mine – My MIL and FIL annoy me – I don’t mind the grandparents aunt or cousin, but they really just get on my nerves and the less I see them the better. Okay, rant over.

I’ve started my Maternity Leave TV Watchlist, for those late nights and middle of the night wake ups and all the lack of sleep time that a newborn brings. So far: The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, Big Little Lies season 2 (I haven’t started either yet even though the new seasons have started), the new Veronica Mars season on Hulu in July. Please leave me any other suggestions, I have Netflix and Hulu and Prime (too much really, I should get rid of one.) I only signed up for Hulu because I wanted to rewatch 90210 after Luke Perry does, but then I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale ans need to keep it to watch the next season since I’m into it now. I also just watched Barry on HBO, but there’s no new season coming up soon. Maybe this is why I haven’t made progrès around the house, I’m clearly watching too much TV.

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  1. lyra211 says:

    So excited for you! Here’s hoping RBG arrives smoothly and safely. Hope the Father’s Day brunch was survivable, and wishing you all the best for the delivery to come!

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