Life Update

I’ve found myself in a position recently where I am starting to not enjoy my job, or not necessarily my job but the company for which I work, less and less. I wrote last year about the layoffs we had in May, and my former boss/predecessor (as I was promoted after her departure) and mentor was laid off. Since then I’ve had three different bosses, the most recent/current being a consultant and “interim” until they find a permanent hire. Naturally this leads to very little development or training for me, because I’ve been bounced around and even though I felt like I could learn a lot from three of the four, (the exception being the consultant and my current “boss”, not what I’d call a leader or someone I feel I could learn a lot from), I never got the chance before another reorganization changed the department structure. My company also, in the last two months, announced they are outsourcing half of our IT to a company in India and, by the way, that company is now evaluating the entire Finance division and all managers have to spend a week with them going over all current processes and functions to see what can be “streamlined”, which we all take to mean be outsourced along with IT. So it has not been fun times recently and I have serious doubts about any form of job stability/security with my current employer. I’m not averse to change, but I am averse to the constant negativity and worry and gossip that has taken over many of my colleagues and consumes an inordinate part of the work day. Naturally, with a 2 year old at home and being a little over 6 months pregnant right now, job stability is sort of important for me seeing as I need to help provide for these little people.

So I’ve been casually looking for a new job. I haven’t applied anywhere, but I’m keeping my eyes open to see what the job market is like. Being pregnant complicates the equation I think. Is it better to wait it out, go on maternity leave (if I’m not laid off first) and find a job while on leave? Is it better to wait it out, be told at some point before my leave that I’m being laid off and offered a package, and accept that package and start looking for a new job while on leave? Or maybe I wait it out and don’t get laid off, but I’m sure other changes would be coming that I’d have to deal with and might not like or appreciate. I guess my fear is I would miss a great opportunity out there right now if I’m not looking. But I just don’t know if a six months pregnant woman who is going on leave is an “attractive” hire. I know employers can’t discriminate against pregnant woman, but I wouldn’t even be covered under FMLA if I started a new job soon because I wouldn’t be employed at any new company long enough.


Thankfully the pregnancy is going well, save for the fact I’m anemic and had to start an iron supplement and failed the one hour glucose test. My three hour test is this coming Wednesday, wish me luck please because I do not want to give up kynReese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I am 26 weeks today. RBG is growing on track, and right now I am having monthly visits with my OB and monthly growth scans, as we’re following the same plan as we did with McLovin. Eventually it will be OB visits every 2 weeks and then non-stress tests every two weeks and then weekly biophysical profiles. It sounds daunting but it worked with McLovin and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We haven’t even narrowed down a list of names or started painting her room but my Pinterest board is full of ideas. It is just much harder for me to get motivated with so many other things on my mind and chasing around my very active toddler McLovin.

McLovin is fabulous and loves Baby Shark and Paw Patrol, specifically Chase, Marshall and Rubble. He loves being outdoors, even in the snow, and tried to help The Husband shovel our walkways this year with his own little shovel which he was just obsessed with. He loves buggy rides, chasing leaves, and just “racing” us back and forth in the backyard.

So that is the update from our part of the world. Stress at work, RBG is fine but I have some smallish matters pending. Hopefully the iron supplement is doing its thing, I already feel less tired and more energetic than before so I think it is helping. I am not sure if the work situation will improve or resolve itself anytime soon so now I am just trying to start doing what I need to do and not anymore. What’s going to happen will happen no matter if I put in extra time or answer emails at night or go above and beyond, and with so many other priorities in my life it’s time to put work in its rightful place because if they want to lay me off they will, regardless.

Happy spring!


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7 Responses to Life Update

  1. gsmwc02 says:

    I was in a similar type situation at work where I was going no where but one I didn’t know what I wanted to do next and second I didn’t want to have to look elsewhere. About two months ago I was approached about an internal opportunity that would give me long term opportunities either at my current company or elsewhere. Sometimes you need to just ride things out for the time being with life and eventually opportunities will come our way when we least expect it.

    Good luck to you.

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  2. lyra211 says:

    So glad to hear that all is going well with little RBG. If it helps, I have twice failed the 1-hour glucose test and passed the 3-hour with flying colors — I think only something like 20% or 30% of people who fail the one-hour also fail the 3-hour, so odds are good that you won’t have to give up your Reese’s. 🙂

    I’m sorry about the job situation — that sounds really stressful. It sounds like you’re doing the best you can with keeping an eye out while just trying to ride it out at your current company through your leave if you can, but I agree that job-hunting while 6 months pregnant doesn’t sound practical for a number of reasons. I hope your company can limp along until it makes sense for you to start looking intensely again.

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  3. Nara says:

    Good to hear from you! And glad everything is going well with the pregnancy.

    I left my job whilst (early) pregnant. Well I actually got pregnant during my notice period I think. It worked out well for me as I hated my previous job and I really found it depressing. BUT if I were to give advice to someone else in a similar situation I would say stay and take your maternity leave and look for a job after/during. I gave up a year’s maternity leave which would have been mainly paid for four months on statutory which is like being unpaid. (It’s enough to get you a few coffees!) It was kind of gutting not to get paid and not to have a decent stretch of time off. So I’d say if you possibly can then have the paid leave and then move. In the UK, pregnant women are protected so you’d be unlikely to get made redundant on leave anyway. But I realise that doesn’t always work out.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    • Nara says:

      What I mean to say is, had the stars aligned earlier (as in if I’d have known that I would have gotten pregnant) I would have stayed. The reason I left was because we had been trying and it hadn’t worked out so it seemed pointless to put my life on hold for something that might not happen. And I much prefer my current firm. But it definitely hurt the finances not to get paid leave!

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  4. Mamalife says:

    Since you are in a country where mat leave is not easy, Id say ride it out. Just as you say that your hiring prospects are poor given your pregnancy, also say that laying you off your current role is also hard since you are pregnant. Most places will rather wait you out for your leave to take a decision.

    Glad to know alls well on the baby front. Good luck!

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  5. I’m glad everything is going well with little RBG.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with casual job hunting and perhaps a practice interview here and there if you get one. The bummer is definitely losing out on FMLA though.

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  6. Your little guy is so cute !!

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