And The Beat Goes On

So, do y’all remember this post from over a year ago? About the “potential candidate”? They wanted McLovin’s sample to see if he carried the mutation they found. Which we willingly sent in the name of science and finding answers.

As recently as August there was NO UPDATE. Because yes, even though McLovin was born safe and sound and healthy I still want an answer. I went through Hell and I feel like I owe it to myself, and The Husband, and the babies we lost and McLovin to try and find out what happened and get an answer.

Today in an email from our genetic counselor we were told: “I spoke with XXXXX from the Manton Center. The “thing” they found in one of your previous pregnancies, they also found in McLovin, so it is a non issue. They did not find anything connecting the pregnancies and abnormalities. I think that is a good thing…. I know you want an answer. You have had all of the testing that exists to date. However, technology changes quickly and now they have all of the DNA. They were going to look over everything again and let me know.”

So, I guess that closes the book on the genetic testing and search for answers, for now. Maybe there will be some new medical marvel in our lifetime, or maybe some new discoveries, or…. something. But my search for answers right now is at a dead end with no apparent path forward at the moment. I suppose I can tell myself that I’ve done all I can for now and left no stone un-turned, and if there is anything I can do in the future I am open to it. That’s really all I can tell myself.

Life Lately…

Watching- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (I’ve been a Kiernan Shipka fan since her Sally Draper days)

Reading- Lessons: My Path to A Meaningful Life by Gisele



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5 Responses to And The Beat Goes On

  1. lyra211 says:

    Wow… that’s some news! Took them long enough! I wish they had answers for you. It sounds like there’s still some hope with more sophisticated DNA tests, but I understand why you’re not holding your breath. Thank goodness for McLovin’, is all I can say! I hope you all are well, and appreciate the update.

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  2. I wish they had some answers for you. But you really have tried every avenue. I guess if there’s solace to be found it would be there :).

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  3. Wow, amazing. It could really just be bad luck.

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  4. RJ says:

    Wow I can’t believe how long it took to get this result. Hopefully someday there will be a better answer for you, but it does kind of suck that there is nothing black and white to find.

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  5. Gardy Loo Pismire says:

    Sometimes we find that the answers we want are just not there. I am sorry

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