I’ve had a lot going on lately, personally and professionally. Things that were ripe for blogging and letting my feelings out, but it just never happened.

The short list of what is going on with some other random thoughts for good measure:

  • My stepfather spent a week in the hospital; he choked at a local restaurant while out one night for dinner with friends, then aspirated as they were giving him the heimlich or CPR (I’m not quite sure at what point it happened.) He was in the ICU, breathing tubes, etc. Thankfully he is home now but is still on his leave from work, but better nonetheless.
  • My MIL also experienced a medical issue a few weeks ago and was unable to watch McLovin her two days a week for three weeks. There was a lot of juggling of work/vacation days/babysitting going on.
  • On a side note, since then, she’s been getting on my nerves A LOT. I can’t stand the way she swoops in and essentially takes over with McLovin whenever we see here, wherever that is (restaurants, my house, family parties.) I can’t deal with long stretches with them without a drink in my hand.
  • We had a layoff at work, ~40 positions were eliminated (an individual was laid off OR an open position is just not being filled.) My boss was one who was laid off.
  • Subsequent to the layoff I have been promoted, and now two ladies have joined my team. I have not worked closely with them in the past, they previously reported to my boss and now they report to me. I have to learn what they do and how they do it since I’ve never worked in their area before, so their roles are new to me.
  • This also comes with strange emotional feelings; sad that my boss was laid off (she was a true mentor and I enjoyed working with/for her); excited that I was promoted; unsure if I earned it – would I have been promoted if not for the layoff? (probably not in my department, I probably would have had to switched departments to move up); sad that my promotion came at the expense of other people; feeling cheated that I have to have these weird thoughts about what should just be exciting/happy news and can’t just be excited about it.
  • As our divisional VP told me when he met with me to tell me of the promotion – “Nobody gets a free lunch” – mo money, mo problems and a lot more work. I’ve been logging a lot of hours at night trying to keep up.
  • The Americans is over. Any of my blog friends watch that show? In my opinion it was the best show on television and now I have no really good shows to look forward to anymore. At least the ending did the show justice… but… DAMN. That garage scene. That train scene. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to listen to “With or Without You” without thinking of how that scene played out.
  • Looking forward to our annual trip to New Hampshire later this month, then our trip to Martha’s Vineyard later this summer. We are also considering our first vacation sans McLovin in September for our 10 year anniversary. The Husband wants to go to Palm Beach, but I want to stay within driving distance because… McLovin. I still put him down myself (almost) every night (unless we have a date night and my mother watches him which doesn’t happen regularly)… he is still breastfeeding, even if only for comfort…. and my arms already feel empty at the thought of getting on a plane and flying 3.5 hours away, even if logically I know that isn’t too bad and it’s not like I’d be leaving the country or anything.
  • McLovin is still amazing. Still, at 18 months, I look at him sometimes and marvel at him, and the fact he is here, and how much I love him.
  • Looking for some good summer reading books. Any recommendations?


no idea

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6 Responses to Lately…

  1. Nara says:

    Oh wow, you have so much going on! I’m sorry that there have been difficult feelings… but congratulations on your promotion! I don’t think anyone is fully up to a job until they leave it, if that makes sense? You do deserve it, and hopefully your old boss will get a great role and you’ll be able to commiserate together. I completely understand your desire to be near McL – I haven’t left B yet, but I have a work trip (Intercontinental) in a few weeks and becoming a bit worried. Hope you manage to get everything back on an even keel! X

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  2. jwhitworth7 says:

    Oh my gosh! You have been busy. I’m sorry to hear about your step dad and MIL. I know having health problems can be very scary. The only thing we truly have is our health. Congrats on the promotion. I hope the work load settles and you can breathe a little bit.

    Books: Beneath a Scarlett Sky, Invention of Wings, Before We Were Yours

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  3. Congrats on the promotion!!
    I have the last season of the Americans on the dvr but haven’t had time to watch it yet.
    I hope your MIL and stepdad are doing better.
    And lastly, good luck with planning a trip without McL. N keeps suggesting nights away too but I’m nowhere near ready. He can’t even sit up yet! I don’t even want to move him out of our room! Lol.

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  4. Dani says:

    Wow bitter sweet with work. Congratulations on the promotion!!!

    I can imagine it would be tough leaving McLovin for a vacation whether it would be within driving or not!!

    Ahhhh yet to see the Americans finale, sounds dramatic!!! Have you seen Homeland, man in the high castle, or madam secretary? I enjoy those too.

    Books? I only read non fiction so I’m no good there 😝

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  5. RJ says:

    Wow how scary for your in-laws and everyone else to have to go through that. Glad all is ok. Sounds like a ton of new life changes and I hope the job stuff is sorting itself out. Glad to hear from you!

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  6. I am truly impressed in all you are accomplishing in your professional and personal life!!!!

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