Back in 2014, after my first loss and before my second, my best friend M and I went to visit a psychic medium. I wrote about it briefly here. She wanted to connect with her father, and I was just flailing and wanting anything – I didn’t think I’d hear from my baby but would take whatever the universe would throw out. It was a really cool experience and my grandfather, who passed away in 2002 when I was 18, came through. I was skeptical going in to it, and am a skeptic by nature – I like facts and proof and things I can see/touch/hear for myself. I left convinced though.

Last month while we were in Florida I took McLovin for a walk at a shopping center near our hotel. My conference was done for the day, The Husband was golfing, it was a beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. It was a nice outdoor center, and as we were walking along the sidewalk I felt an itch on my left elbow. I looked, and a ladybug was there. I then immediately remembered that it was February 13, the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing – 16 years that day. That afternoon.  I’m so glad I was in that space, that frame of mind, to recognize that sign.


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  1. Wow….I love when things like that happen❤️


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