You Stay Classy, San Diego

My first business trip post-McLovin has come and gone! I am happy to report that, logistically, the pumping in the air/on the road wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. I left my house at 4AM on Sunday morning and was home at 7AM Friday morning after taking the red eye home Thursday night.

Sunday was an extremely EXHAUSTING day – I had a six hour flight from Boston to San Diego and was dealing with jet lag and missing my baby. I pumped in the air on Sunday – I was not comfortable whipping all my gear out in my seat so I used one of the bathrooms at the back of the plane. I let the flight attendants know I would be in there for a while and why so as not to raise concerns, and, of course, we hit a patch of turbulence about 5 minutes later. Oh well. But it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.

I requested a fridge in my room when I made my hotel reservations so it was there and waiting for me. It was a mini fridge with no freezer so I couldn’t freeze anything, but luckily my trip was just short enough that it didn’t reach the point where I’d have to freeze it or dump it. Pumping in the hotel was a breeze and the only small hiccup was that I didn’t pack any soap, brush or other tool to use for cleaning my pump equipment and bottles – I forgot the adapters for my pump parts so I could not pump directly in the storage bags and was using the bottles (lucky I thought to pack them!).  Lucky for me there was a CVS a few blocks from the hotel and I could pick up what I needed.

The part I was most worried about was getting the milk home – I had five days worth by the time of my return flight Thursday night so obviously WELL above the 3oz. travel limit. I was able to carry it all on with me – I packed a fold up soft sided cooler and it was just large enough for all my bags of milk, two bags of ice and two ice packs. When I went through TSA I told the guy what was in the cooler and he did set it aside so he could do “additional inspections” – basically it consisted of him opening the cooler, taking out the bags of milk, looking at the bags of milk and ice packs, and putting it all back and sending me on my way. I had to dump my ice there but stopped at a restaurant in the terminal and they refilled my ice bags. By the time I got home most of the ice melted but the milk was still cool so it got the job done.

So, traveling and pumping was a new adventure. McLovin is one month shy of his first birthday so I was not about to stop breastfeeding or pumping for this trip, not when we’re so close to a year and I’m glad I managed to keep going. I did not get to pump as often as I would have liked and my schedule was a bit wacky and off from how often I usually pump/nurse at home – what with the conference, dinners, and time change. But I got the job done and it seemed that my body regulated again once I got home.

And no, he did not wean, which was one of my fears. 🙂 His sleep got a little wacky, and he gave The Husband some difficulty during the night, but we all made it through. I think the first day and the last day were the worst for missing McLovin – as the flight took off I thought to myself  “WHAT AM I DOING???” and as I was waiting to board Thursday night I thought to myself “WHY DID I AGREE TO GO AWAY FOR SO LONG?”

All in all I am glad I went. I met some nice people during the conference and I got some GOOD sleep in the hotel what with no sleeping dog in the bed shaking during her dreams and no McLovin to give me the occasional early wake up call at 4am – and it felt like the hotel had the most amazing comforter and pillows 😉 I can also now check San Diego off my travel list – this was my first visit to the West Coast and I enjoyed checking out the city during my free time, swimming in the Pacific, and visiting the zoo (although I rushed the zoo because I was leaving that night and had limited time.)

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5 Responses to You Stay Classy, San Diego

  1. oats21 says:

    I’m glad your trip went well and everyone survived with no ill effects.

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  2. Yay! Well done on the pumping 👊

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  3. Ta da! Glad to hear all went well. 🙂

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  4. Dani says:

    Yeyy! Well done!! I’m in Germany at the mo and pumping and it really does suck. When I was in London a few weeks ago I left the bottles behind at my parents house whilst I was staying at the conference hotel so I pumped into mugs 😂 next day I went it to buy bottles but it was stupid!

    I’m going to San Diego For work in January for first time and I can’t wait – it looks awesome!! I don’t know if we will have weaned by then but my plan is to stop pumping at work when I return from Germany next week, supplement with formula at daycare and let Aviana dictate the show mornings and evenings ☺️ I’m sooooo over pumping in toilets and traveling 🤗

    I’m so glad it all worked out for you – it isn’t easy and the mom guilt is real 😳

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  5. RJ says:

    I’m so glad this trip went well! And no issues nursing when you returned. How wonderful!!

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