*Rolls eyes*


Anderson Cooper was me this morning.

So, I wake up this morning and do a big stretch, and grab my cell phone off the nightstand and turn it on. Today’s a holiday, and The Husband and I both have it off from work. On days when we are both off he handles the morning duties when McLovin wakes up, as I handle it during the work week. McLovin was nice to us and let us sleep in until 7am! Whoo!

I digress.

I check my email (is it sad that is one of the first things I do when I wake up if I’m not running in to McLovin’s room to greet him?) and then log in to my Facebook, and lo and behold am greeted by the news that THERE IS A THIRD ROYAL BABY! I swear, there were ten posts about it right in a row – People, AP News, some of my friends.

Perhaps this is my bitter recurrent pregnancy loss self talking, but who cares? I don’t live in the UK, the “Royal Family” means nothing to me. They aren’t my royals. I don’t care to see it splashed around everywhere. And now we’ll get to see how perfect “The Duchess” looks in all of her maternity wear, and she’ll hardly gain any weight and look amazing  the whole time. And in a few months their cute, perfect little family will be even cuter. Gag.

I guess maybe I’m especially sensitive to it because September is a hard-ish month around these parts – yes, fall is coming and Patriots football season is starting and our wedding anniversary is this month, but I also lost two of my pregnancies in September (September 11th and 18th to be exact.) And, she of the group text message hostage situation announced on Facebook earlier this week that she is 30 weeks pregnant with her second daughter. Her first child wasn’t even one year old and she was pregnant again. I wonder what it’s like to just have healthy pregnancies one after another like that?

I spent the morning doing landscaping yard work with The Husband while McLovin napped, as we are moving forward with putting our house on the market and wanted the yard to look good for pictures. Excuse my tired, cranky, bitter post. Hopefully after some alone time in a nice hot shower and a good think I’ll have a bit more perspective.

Until then, memes!





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8 Responses to *Rolls eyes*

  1. Mamalife says:

    I hear you..
    I read it on FB first and I had the following reactions in order:

    1) Ugh.. another baby, 9 more months of royal baby bombarding..
    2) How on earth do they even get time to have sex with 2 toddlers? I can barely shower without one of them trying to get in the bathroom.. And my kids are sort of same aged..
    3) This is what it must feel like to be rich and afford as many babies as you can (infertility aside) and not have to worry about getting them to university and start life debt free… damn.. I am not going to be debt free till I retire..
    4)Thank God, we are no longer trying, or else this would have been painful..
    5)I read her comment on the polish newborn hospital facility and how she wanted more babies right away and I felt the knife turn slowly and all the anger bubble up…

    Maybe this time after she gives birth, she will come out of the hospital in stilettos and perhaps even a complete regal attire with a fascinator on her head.

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  2. lyra211 says:

    Heh… I’m glad I heard about this from you rather than on the news. Thanks for the snark — helps to soften the blow while we’re on our third month of trying after losing 2/3 pregnancies. I also wonder what it would be like to just be able to get and stay pregnant and not worry throughout the entire pregnancy. (I do feel bad that she had to deal with hyperemesis, though — that must have sucked.)

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    • Well, I’m nothing if not snarky when I want to be! Haha 🙂 I agree, the HG seems like no joke and I don’t wish it on anyone, but it seems she’s certainly more advantaged than everyone given she can just not show up for work and cancel everything and doesn’t have to worry about being fired or losing money or anything. Must be nice to have that privilege!


  3. sbach1222 says:

    And not only that, but she has announced all of them really early!! She doesn’t understand the heartbreak and the fear that comes along with having to unannounce things if they don’t go well. I do hope that things go well for her though.

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    • I think part of her early announcements was related to her severe morning sickness, as she’s not going to be showing up for her “duties” at events she previously booked or whatever. Still, how nice that she can just give up her work and stay home sick with no repercussions. If only it was that way for everyone!


  4. Yes. Yes. A 100 times yes. I didn’t even know there’s a third actually but I’m boycotting the media now that you’ve warned me. That is all.

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  5. RJ says:

    I am on vacation and I’m so glad to have found this out through you. So freaking annoying…I was in Europe when the first one was born (before my RPL) and I found it so strange that it was such a huge deal.

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