Words Matter

I think I made clear my feelings, before and after the election of 2016, with no room for ambiguity. Since the inauguration I’ve vacillated between feelings of anger and sadness at what has been transpiring across the country. From backing out of the Paris Agreement, to announcing a Transgender Ban in the military,  Travel Ban, to the philosophy of letting the ACA “implode”, to the Twitter rants and lies after lies after lies… I’ve felt mostly anger. I have had so many thoughts bouncing in my head recently and I’m going to try and put them here, and hope it makes some sort of sense.

Now I just feel sadness.  How could my fellow country-men elect someone with no empathy, no sense of justice, no humility? The erratic behavior? And the moral equivocation after the events in Charlottesville? The “wink wink” to the white supremacists, the employing of folks like Steve Bannon, the violent rhetoric? Emboldening fringe hate groups? I am sad and disgusted beyond belief.

It’s now at the point where I have trouble maintaining relationships with family and friends who I know voted for and/or continue to support this man. To sell away your sense of moral decency for a few extra bucks in their pay check. It’s not “just politics” to me – it speaks to your world view and what you value. I can’t get past that some people I know and love would have such a high tolerance for bigotry and hatred. Nobody should be surprised about the turmoil that occurred this past weekend and his actions since then – if you paid attention to his words during the campaign and to the people he surrounds himself with, it was crystal clear then and is crystal clear now. No surprises. He has never given any indication that he would pivot or start acting “more presidential” so to vote for him in hopes that it would happen was a fool’s errand.

My son is white. He is already beginning his life with that “white male privilege.” Every day I put thought in to how I can raise him to be a good man and to care for others, empathize with them and be considerate of them – people of different faiths, people of different cultures, people who don’t have his advantages. When I see what happened in Charlottesville and I see how the “man” elected to the highest office in the land behaves and the words that come out of his mouth, I feel sad. Shouldn’t a president be a role model, or at least be a decent human being? Shouldn’t he have a moral compass and inspire people, challenge them to be better? My answer is YES – absolutely they should be. Unfortunately right now that is not the case, and won’t be anytime soon. I am sad that he is inheriting a world where this is happening – where people voted for someone, to the highest office of the land no less, who condones this behavior. I am sad that I have friends and coworkers who are Jewish, LGBTQIA, black, who might be feeling unsafe or living with worry, wondering why the man elected to represent them can’t support them and has abandoned them.

Then I come home from work, and say “Hi McLovin” as I walk through the door… and he turns in sees me and smiles, then grunts as he army crawls to me as quick as he can. And I pick him up and hug him, and tell him I love him. My heart melts and the world seems less harsh, less sad for a moment. I guess these moments of love, and using my voice to speak up for the injustices I see, are the best I can do for him and the future I want for him right now.

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4 Responses to Words Matter

  1. lyra211 says:

    Ugh. Yes. Well said. It is just shocking to me that we’re 8 months into a Trump presidency, and, let’s see… he’s destabilizing the freaking nuclear situation in North Korea(!), failing to condemn actual Neo-Nazis murdering actual people in Virginia, pulling out of the world’s current best effort at addressing climate change, which I view as the single largest threat to my son’s future (assuming the nuclear situation doesn’t actually get completely destabilized…). It’s like some sort of dystopian future manifesting itself in our country right now, and it just doesn’t feel real most days. Thank goodness I have a toddler and can’t spend all my time on the internet reading and freaking out about the world.

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  2. I have so many feelings and thoughts on all of this. And so much sadness and fear. It’s all just so horrible, not just because of Trump but because it’s become clear how many people support and agree with him.

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  3. What a thoughtful post. I agree with you 100%. The world has gone mad, and I truly believe that his supporters will continue to support him No Matter What. He himself said that he could shoot someone in the middle of Park Avenue and people would still support and defend him and I truly believe he is right. But hey, the stock market is doing good, so I guess it’s all good(???). Of course, all these tensions existed before he got into office, but I do think fringe radical groups feel much more emboldened to speak out now than ever before. And that is very scary.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. I am keeping myself in a positive headspace preparing for my upcoming FET, but the news junkie that I am just can not look away from all the reporting. I just take it in as a learning experience of what I DO NOT want my future child to become.

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  4. This is so well said. I’m sad as well. I’m not a citizen yet (I should probably get on that since I failed his proposed immigration test by 4 points. If only I got that Nobel prize) so I sometimes worry if I should have a say or not, if that makes sense.
    But I’m sad and baffled.

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