June 1, 2016


Weight check: up three pounds.

I heard the heartbeat at our doctor’s appointment yesterday… in the 160’s and strong! Best moment of my week so far.

I still want a turkey sandwiches and I miss feeling fit. I feel like a slob-kebob right now. Today I was craving KFC potato wedges… yuck I know, but it’s not like I eat it everyday! But then I will randomly feel like gagging out of nowhere

My “feeling” was right…. the NIPT revealed this baby is a BOY! I told E that I was beside myself with happiness. It’s so funny how it happened – I woke up in the morning thinking of her out of nowhere. Then, in the afternoon I got a call from her and she said she FINALLY was calling with wonderful news and told us everything was normal. She asked if we wanted to know the gender – I told her I needed to ask The Husband. We agreed to find out, but we wanted to find out together. So we had her email me the results. Then I finished out the workday, went to yoga, picked up Burger King on the way home (allowing myself to eat junk to celebrate the good news) and we opened the email after I walked in the door. Believe me, I was itching to open it sooner and I am so proud of myself for holding out.

Symptoms check: Some lower abdominal discomfort…. Not cramps but a stretching/pulling feeling…. Peeing a lot…. Boobies are bigger, and even my step-father mentioned it to my mother this weekend after a Memorial Day pool party at their house… evidently he didn’t realize larger breasts were a pregnancy symptom! He asked my mom if it was healthy for me to get implants while I was pregnant… hahahaah!

Next step: our early anatomy scan in a week and a half (16 weeks exactly) and hopefully hearing that he has two working kidneys and there are no major issues!!! Please please please!

I suppose at some point I should share this news on the blog. Maybe actually hit “Publish” on one of these posts instead of leaving it in my Drafts folder. I’m not sure when it will feel right.

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6 Responses to June 1, 2016

  1. RJ says:

    I love the last paragraph about sharing. It’s really cool to see your thoughts throughout this process.

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  2. I chuckled at your step-dad’s boob story 🙂 How did you react when you read the results?

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