May 16, 2016

I’ve gained two pounds thus far. I feel like it’s more but the numbers don’t lie.

Today we had our nuchal scan with MFM at the hospital. The nuchal measurement is 1.9, which is well below the 3.0 that Dr. T said would indicate a higher risk. Baby had a great heart rate, showed great growth (measuring a full week ahead) and Dr. T was, again, all smiles so we were all smiles too! I don’t feel any movement yet but baby was definitely moving all around today during the scan… just floating and bouncing around.

I still feel like this baby is a boy… and today Dr. T said she could tell the gender during the scan and asked if we wanted to know – we said no (for now). We are looking forward to receiving the MaterniT21 test results back in 7-10 days… we had the blood drawn today, and I’m nervous for it but I want as much information as possible, and if it’s good news I think it will only make me feel more confident in this pregnancy.

I miss turkey sandwiches and breaking a good sweat when working out. I also have a craving for strawberries… and Cran-Lemonade. And now an aversion to dairy.

New symptom: I’m having vivid dreams.

I’ve been pretty happy, unless you are on my bad side… I’ve also had a “Me against the world” thing going on… not sure why..

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5 Responses to May 16, 2016

  1. jwhitworth7 says:

    I craved deli meat with all of my pregnancies.

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  2. How many weeks was this scan?

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