May 2, 2016


Well, today I found out what it feels like to go to an ultrasound and get good news. We had a visit with MFM at the hospital today, and at 10 weeks Dr. T was able to rule out anencephaly. The baby does not have anencephaly.

After the ultrasound tech left, E came into the room with a big grin. She had watched the ultrasound from the other room and said everything looks just right for 10 weeks. She went into some technical descriptions but I was just so relieved and a little surprised and I didn’t listen. Then Dr. T came in and confirmed what E said – no anencephaly. She cannot rule out spina bifida or the kidney issues that rendered my first pregnancy “incompatible with life” but she could rule out anencephaly so we are officially over another hurdle. There were big smiles all around and hugs.

My next ultrasound is in two weeks for the nuchal scan and having blood drawn for the MaterniT21 screening.

I had so much anxiety this morning. I woke up at 5AM and could not go back to sleep. I used to think that flying was my biggest fear; today I decided that going in for an ultrasound might top the fear list now. I never feel as much anxiety driving in to the airport as I felt this morning driving to the hospital.

Please be okay. Please keep the good news coming.

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6 Responses to May 2, 2016

  1. lyra211 says:

    Wow, I love this one. Gives me chills. Little McLovin’ kept on being all right!

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  2. sbach1222 says:

    I am so so sooooo glad to hear this update!

    Prayers for continued positive news! I feel really good about this!


    • These flashback posts are actually posts that I wrote and left in Drafts while I was pregnant with McLovin. I never posted them last year because I was so scared being pregnant after our losses. I started sharing them this year in the hopes that it might offer some encouragement to others who are pregnant after loss, to see that their fears and worries are “normal” and you can have a successful pregnancy after loss. So, I’m not pregnant again. Just wanted to clarify that in case it was causing confusion!

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      • sbach1222 says:

        OMG. I was confused then. I’m not sure how I missed that!

        I’m sorry! I was like “Wow… she got her cycle back really quick!”

        I completely understand not wanting to post out of fear after loss. I’m glad you are doing this now.

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  3. Glad to hear you went on to have a happy, healthy baby! ❤

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