Sound of Silence

Something strange is happening.

Well, not so strange ordinarily – but different for me for the past few months.

I am alone in my house. This hasn’t happened since November 15, 2016.

The Husband took McLovin to visit his grandparents this morning, because they haven’t seen him since January. I should be preparing for our Easter lunch, as we are having company later this afternoon.  I should be sweeping the floor, setting the china, getting out the ice bucket, among other tasks on my to do list.

But I am enjoying the sound of silence.

He even took the dog, as she loves car rides and his grandmother. No Layla begging for a treat or crying to go outside.

I forgot what this feels likes!

I think I might take a nice long shower – I went for a run this morning and could use it. Then maybe sit on the porch and enjoy a glass of tea for a few minutes. Then get to my chores.

As nice as it is to have some time to myself, I can’t wait until they get home so I can dress McLovin in his Easter outfit and enjoy the nice day with him. It’s finally feeling like spring in Massachusetts.

I hope everyone reading this has an enjoyable holiday if you celebrate Easter, or a nice Sunday otherwise.

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2 Responses to Sound of Silence

  1. lyra211 says:

    We were in Massachusetts for Easter too! It was 90 frickin degrees. But perfect weather for cute easter outfits for babies/toddlers. 🙂 Hope you had a great day, both the alone parts and the together parts!

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  2. That sounds magnificent!

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