March 18, 2016


I started having cramps about two days ago and I think this cycle is a bust. I don’t know if I feel relieved or sad. It’s such a strange juxtaposition of emotions – wanting to be pregnant because I want a child, but terrified that I actually will be because thus far all three have ended terribly. Everyone around me is having kids and even all the bloggers that I follow! I just want a turn too!

I’m rotating between Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm to help pass the time. Larry David might be my spirit animal. What does it say about me that I identify so strongly with a 68 year old curmudgeon?

I’m having trouble with one of the ladies who works with me. She and I worked together at my previous job – I started out as an admin. there, and by the time I left four years later I had been promoted above her level. I’m not sure she was entirely pleased that someone 20 years her junior was promoted so quickly and was advancing further than her, but the fact is she’s not a high performing employee. So three years ago I left that job for the company where I am working now. After a year, due to turnover in our department, I was promoted and we had two job openings to fill on my team. I never mentioned the job openings to her (we would still chat by email from time to time) because I didn’t want her to apply. Based on what I knew of her work and work ethic I didn’t want to deal with her in that capacity. But I did mention it to other ex-co-workers from my previous job, people that I thought were stronger workers, hoping that one of them was looking for a new opportunity. Well, they weren’t but they opened their mouths to her, and she ended up applying for one of the openings on my team. After the interviews I had a bad feeling about hiring her, but my boss C and her boss J wanted to hire her. So I was outnumbered – and as it was my first hiring go-round I don’t think I had much choice in the matter even though I was the one who would be directly managing her.

Now, two years later, she’s performing the majority of her work okay but it’s all the “soft skills” that are frustrating. Defensiveness, lack of professionalism. This week I had two people complain about her having very loud personal phone calls that have distracted them. I’ve had to have two discussions with her about excessive absenteeism. Rushing through work, not paying attention and making careless mistakes. Just very frustrating. Last one in every day and first one out every night – she does basically the bare minimum to get by but claims that she goes “above and beyond.” Last year she complained about how her raise was “disappointing.” I’m disappointed that I had to have two conversations with you about your attendance! You’re in your 50’s and I shouldn’t have to babysit you! We’re ADULTS – just show up for work (on time preferably!) And don’t make me have to correct you 4 or 5 times on simple matters! Just save us both the time and do it right the first time please. I don’t mind helping someone once, then twice – but three or more times means you just aren’t getting it or you just don’t care.

Today she actually put me on blast via email and copied my boss. She didn’t like my response on something, then responded on email basically telling me I was being unreasonable on a matter and that she had no idea what I was talking about or why I would need to know her job schedule for the next week. I’m the supervisor! I am accountable for myself and my team!! That’s why!! Needless to say my boss saw right through it and called a meeting with us and basically told her she was out of line. She shot herself in the foot – I never would have even mentioned it to my boss, but she felt the need to copy her for some reason and now my boss is aware of the situation that could have been resolved between just the two of us. IMG_1598

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8 Responses to March 18, 2016

  1. myhopejar says:

    I love reading these. I was so out of touch last year that I feel like I’m getting caught up on you and your life through these posts! Just out of curiosity, is the employee still with your company? Sounds like she needed to be let go.

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    • I like reading them too, it’s so interesting to have had these to go back and read. I can remember exactly what I was thinking and where I was sitting when I wrote this!
      To answer your question, yes she is still with the company. There’s this whole big process for disciplining employees and putting them on improvement plans, etc. Interestingly, since I’ve been back from maternity leave we’ve actually been getting along much better. Go figure!

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      • myhopejar says:

        I need to post old stuff from my drafts folder too. I have so many but it seems like work to go through them now 🙂

        I find it’s the same with going back and rereading old posts though. It’s crazy to think about how things were a few years ago and how much better things are now. It really puts a lot of things into perspective for me. Whenever I have moments of despair about something now, I just look back at all I’ve survived so far and how far I’ve come from it all. It’s truly amazing and a great way to cope with stuff moving forward!

        Glad things are better with your co-worker since you’ve returned back to work. It sounds your company’s improvement plan works!

        Keep posting these updates. I love them!

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  2. Dani says:

    You are killing me with suspense…what happened to her?

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    • She is still with the company. We had a few months where we didn’t really interact other than what needed to be done for the job, which was fine because getting the job done is why we are there and as long as she was keeping it professional and getting work done then that’s all that matters. But interestingly, since I’ve been back from maternity leave we’ve actually been getting along much better. Certainly not besties, but much more natural I guess you could say.

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  3. Lol I also want to know how it all ended up with her. My husband is having a similar problem. Unfortunately the guy is his friend and small partner in the business and it’s just the two of them. But I often hear “We’re adults, why do I have to babysit him”.

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