March 15, 2016


I don’t want any future baby of mine born during a Donald Trump presidency. Like, no. No, no, no. All kinds of no.

I think that she of the group text pregnancy announcement gave birth the past few days. A girl – they didn’t find out the sex so it was a surprise at birth. I saw a random post on her Facebook page congratulating her, but when I went back it was gone.

My phone screen is cracked. I have to drive to Providence to get it fixed, because the Apple stores in Hingham & Dedham are closed for renovations. Aggravating! Looking at my phone, with the spiderweb crack, is driving me mad, but my upcoming Genius Bar reservation will probably also drive me mad.

I haven’t been temping or charting or OPK’ing, and I wonder where I am. I know it’s CD23, but that means nothing without the context behind it. I am Type A, and like to know things and be in control, but I kind of like not knowing. Plausible deniability…. or willful ignorance? Willful blindness? What I don’t know can’t hurt me, I think.

The Husband took me out for a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants the Friday before my birthday (a week and a half ago). During the drive there is when we had the conversation where we ultimately decided to “try again” (or rather, not prevent a pregnancy.) When we walked into the restaurant “The Wind Cries Mary” was playing. I don’t think I’ve ever before heard the song played in a restaurant or any other public place for that matter. It is my favorite, as evidenced by the blog title and URL, but I don’t hear it unless I play it myself. As we sat down the song ended and “Wild Horses” started playing next. Two of my absolute favorite songs (j’adore classic rock) back to back. I don’t know why I keep thinking about that, but I do.

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