Back to Work

I’ve been back to work a week and a half.

I’ve never felt so busy in my life – busy at work trying to catch up on 3+ months of emails. And 3+months of a project which I was spearheading prior to my leave. Now I am playing catch up and feeling woefully behind.

The first day was the worst. I cried on my way in. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on my way in for an iced coffee and said “Fuck it! I’m having a donut.” I’d been trying to eat healthy, but felt I deserved a treat since it was a tough morning. The drive in each morning is the toughest part – usually once I get to work I am engaged and busy and the day goes by quickly. And I enjoy seeing my friends again, and gossiping, and venting, and getting back into my work rhythm with them. I will say that I don’t particularly enjoy pumping, but the “Lactation Rooms” are nice enough and comfortable.

There’s a lot more to say but not a lot of time to say it, as I’m stealing this time while McLovin naps and The Husband showers. We are going out to dinner with my father, my “birthday dinner” since my birthday is this coming week. We are going forΒ Chinese and I may indulge in a beer.

One thing of note, is that my mother – or “Mimi” as she is now known – watches McLovin one day a week. Thus far she’s watched him two days. The first day, she managed to have a roast chicken dinner prepared for us when we got home from work. Chicken, potatoes, rolls, gravy. The second day she managed to prepare chicken, broccoli and ziti, do all of our laundry and wash all of the bottles she used during the day. I had a tough time managing half that while on maternity leave and taking care of McLovin all day. I could get used to having dinner waiting when I get home!


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26 Responses to Back to Work

  1. RJ says:

    Glad you treated yourself to that donut! Going back to work is hard but at lead it’s busy at work, right? Mimi sounds like an amazing help! Those dinners sound incredibly delicious! I could get used to that too 😜

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  2. Oh man, I envy all of that (except for the pumping, that’s laborious). You have a life AND a baby! How cool is that?! And home cooked meals. Awesomesauce. XO

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    • Laborious is exactly the right word! I’m committed to breastfeeding so I have to do it, I just wish it was easier. Nothing about this was easy though so I am just sucking it up! And I like the spin you put on it – life and a baby. That’s a better way for me to look at it. πŸ™‚ xxx

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  3. Nara says:

    Eesh. Sounds like how I expect my return to go, only my mum won’t be making me a roast! She sounds awesome. And you deserve the donut! X

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    • Yes, she is pretty awesome. We will keep her! Haha. I won’t lie, returning to work is a bit rough and a big change. But I’m trying to keep a good attitude as much as I can, but it’s okay to vent too. It’s not easy but soon enough we will be in a good routine!

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  4. lyra211 says:

    Your mom sounds amazing. So glad you worked out your childcare situation so that McLovin is taken care of by family while you’re working — how wonderful! I’m a big fan of food treats on tough days — you can have an extra donut for me some morning when you realize halfway to work that you’ve got a milk stain on your blouse. πŸ™‚

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    • I’ll take you up on that extra donut soon I’m sure, lol! Im glad the childcare situation worked out so well too – im so glad he’s home, it makes me feel better knowing where he is and that we have everything he needs. xxx


  5. jivf says:

    It sounds like the transition is going as well as it can.
    Happy early birthday! Treat yo’self!

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  6. Can I borrow your mom?! She sounds wonderful!! And yay for the donut, some days we all need little pick me ups!
    As for work, transitions can be so tough!! I hope it goes well and soon enough you don’t feel like your playing catch up!

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  7. Yay for the donut. I swear my mom is like the baby whisperer too-she can get so much more done all the while keeping baby calm lol

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  8. Dani says:

    Congrats on surviving back to work!! That’s rough having to catch up on 3 months worth of project πŸ˜’

    BTW- Your mum sounds amazing!!!

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  9. jwhitworth7 says:

    I’m sure things feel very chaotic but I’m glad to know things are going well! And yay for prepared food! That was so sweet of her!

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  10. Omigosh your mother sounds amazing!

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  11. Your mom is amazing!! Makes me miss mine now lol. I hope being back at work gets easier and more calm soon. Prepared meals and donuts will surely help πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, slowly but surely it is getting better. Although things will ramp up again as one of the people I supervise just gave notice he is retiring at the end of April, so I’ll have a month or two of calm before we have to hire and train someone new. Sigh. πŸ™‚ I will certainly need some donuts then!

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  12. G E says:

    One day at a time when you head back to work, and one donut at a time if that is what it takes πŸ™‚ Bless your mother! How nice for you to have that help.

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    • Ugh, donuts are so good. I gave myself two weeks of splurging and starting tomorrow it is back on track! Until the blizzard hits on Tuesday and I’m snowed in and baking cookies and cupcakes lol.
      And yes, it is so nice to have that help. I never expected her to cook or anything, just taking care of our boy is enough but she’s definitely gone above and beyond.


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