Sad Doesn’t Cover It

A friend of mine shared this article on Facebook, and I’ve been sick to my stomach every time I think about it. So now I will share it and bring everyone else down too (sorry, misery loves company.)

I feel sick to my stomach, seething with anger and so sad all at the same time.

Addiction is a disease. And yet it was the poor innocent child who suffered the most because of her parents’ disease.

I wish there was a cure for this disease. My brother isn’t an addict. He’s out of rehab, and I hope clean, but an addict for life nonetheless.

I think about McLovin being in hat position –  not with parents who are addicts, but with parents who are incapacitated and can’t help him. It brings me to tears. I never want him to suffer.

I am going to watch The Young Pope now, while McLovin sleeps in his bassinet next to me, and hope that Jude Law’s handsome face distracts me from my fears.

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7 Responses to Sad Doesn’t Cover It

  1. God. I can’t even. And yet I know of other stories like this.


  2. Sick! There was a case where I live this week. 13 mo old starved to death-found two lbs less than her BIRTH weight (5 lbs). Parents are overweight pigs. They are up for death penalty. I was so upset, couldnt stop crying.

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  3. Nara says:

    It’s so sad. I can’t even tolerate people complaining about their kids (or how hard it is having a baby) when ours was so wanted. How awful.

    Also: We tried to watch The Young Pope but couldn’t make it past episode 3! It’s too weird!

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    • I know what you mean. I feel like I could never complain about McLovin, never mind treat him the way these children have been treated. No child deserves that, whether they were wanted desperately or “happy accidents.” It’s so very sad.
      As for The Young Pope, I am on episode 8 now. I find it Jude Law’s portrayal of the Pope Pius to be oddly fascinating. It is weird but nonetheless it’s kept my attention during the late night feeds 🙂


  4. RJ says:

    That was incredibly hard to read. So so sad that things like this happen. Addiction is an awful disease and it breaks my heart that this baby had to suffer.

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