(Almost) Thirty eight

Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant.

In a way it almost feels bittersweet. After three losses I never thought I would make it this far. And, as much as I’ve always wanted two children, I don’t know if I will make it here again. We still don’t have our genetic test results back, so we really don’t know at this point if we truly were “struck by lightning” three times OR if there is some genetic issue and this baby that I am not carrying is our the real lightning strike.

I want him to be here, I want to meet him, but I also feel like I want to “hang on” to this pregnancy a little bit. I may not have this opportunity again. I may never feel a baby kicking or moving again. I don’t want to hang on to everything – I could do without the heartburn and the finger swelling and the lightning crotch pain. But I feel bad even complaining about it. This is what I wanted, and now it’s here and almost gone. I have a lot to look forward to once he’s here, but as nerve wracking and scary as the pregnancy has been I’ve also recognized that it’s a special moment, for me and for me and the baby together, and I’ll never have it back again once it is over.


Baby Boy still doesn’t have a name, although now it seems to be narrowed to four possibilities, so The Husband and I have been referring to him as “McLovin.” Yes, McLovin. So I am going to refer to him as such on here too! 🙂

So what have I been doing (besides grieving the election and being super angry still)? A lot of stuff!

  • This week I had my MFM appointment for a biophysical profile (scored 8 out of 8), and then a NST with my OB which also looked great. My Group B Strep results came back negative. I’ve gained 35 lbs. at this point and I can tell.  I will have two appointments/week for the duration – one with MFM for ultrasound/BPP and a second with my OB for the NST/usual monitoring. I am also going to weekly acupuncture appointments.
  • Freezer meal prep for once we are home with McLovin. I have to give credit to my mom for helping me prepare the freezer meals and paying for it too. We made: chicken, broccoli and ziti; macaroni and cheese; chicken casserole. I was going to do lasagna this weekend, but due to unforeseen circumstances wasn’t able to get to it. I might do that on my day off this week or next weekend.


    Freezer meals

  • Checking some items off my shopping list: nursing bras, nursing tanks, and some nursing friendly pajamas.
  • Packing McLovin’s hospital bag. His bag is packed. My bag is almost fully packed. The Husband has not even started telling me what he would want, so I am leaving him to his own devices and he can pack his own bag. If it doesn’t get done, then he will have to deal with it because I’ve been bothering him about it for almost two weeks now.
  • Finishing touches on McLovin’s room – the bassinet and bouncer are now put together and the room is now more organized. We got a Halo Bassinest, which I really like a lot even though technically we haven’t used it yet since McLovin isn’t here, and the Fisher Price Snugapuppy. They had me at “Snugapuppy.”
  • Car seat installation – The Husband installed today and my father came over to inspect, as he’s a firefighter/paramedic in the town where I grew up and has done car seats for many years as part of that role. However I am also going to swing by our local police department, where they also inspect installations, on my day off this week to get it double checked. We went with the Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip infant car seat.
  • Stocking up. Along with meal prep, I got it into my head that I need to stock up on all sorts of “essentials”. So I made a Target run two weeks ago and it must have looked like I was preparing for a hurricane or blizzard. Paper towels, toilet paper, granola bars, cereals, tea bags, hand soap… all kinds of random things that I convinced myself I needed to stock up on so I wouldn’t run out. As if once McLovin is here I would be housebound and unable to leave for months on end, or that The Husband couldn’t go out shopping, or that our families wouldn’t be around to assist with grocery shopping (which, my mother and grandmother already said numerous times they would do for me!). And I have Amazon Prime, so it’s not like I couldn’t just order it online. But, I felt like I needed that stuff RIGHT NOW. So I got it.

I will leave everyone with this note below. For those of you, like me, who are still grieving the election results and are worried about the future, are frustrated and scared, and who want to do something. Here is a small action we can take to stick it to the man a bit, so to speak. Mike Pence’s record on women’s issues is abysmal. So you can let him know what you think about that.


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8 Responses to (Almost) Thirty eight

  1. Wow, everything is looking so great and I’m so excited for the post when you tell us your little McLovin is here! (Cute nickname by the way).
    I don’t normally donate to things is the usa (I tend to donate to Canadian causes). But I think I may just donate to planned parenthood in his name. It just seems like the right thing to do!

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    • I have donated. And, I’ve also donated to some environmental groups in honor of some of my family members who believe that climate change is a “hoax” and voted for Trump (mainly some aunt and uncles.) They will be getting those certificates on Christmas 😉

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  2. Reading this is so bittersweet to me as well. Having followed you through 2 of your 3 losses, and now this pregnancy, it feels surreal at times. I cant believe we are finally here! Im so happy for you, for us.
    As usual, we have a lot in common…we installed the Chicco keyfit 30 today and get it inspected later this week. We ended up using the latch system instead of the seatbelt system. How about u?
    Also, Ive been on hubby to pack his bag lol. And as you know, Im 3 weeks behind you! It stresses me out that its not ready.

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    • It definitely does feel surreal! I almost can’t believe it and expect to wake up sometime soon. We used the LATCH system too – we tried it both ways, and LATCH definitely seemed the most secure to all three of us.
      I think if I wasn’t working I’d be pushing him a lot harder about packing his bag and other things. In some ways working keeps me busy and distracts me from some of my “to do list”, but I will say that each week gets harder and harder.. And I’m starting to feel a lot less energy these past few days. So I would much rather be home nagging my husband about his hospital bag 😉

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  3. jwhitworth7 says:

    Congrats on 38!! I hope the next few weeks are peaceful for you. Wishing you the best of luck!

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  4. jivf says:

    Congrats on this milestone! Hope you enjoy the last of this pregnancy as much as you can. Crazy that you still don’t have answers from the genetic testing. What’s the hold up? Were you told that it would take this ridiculously long?

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  5. I’m definitely going to donate. Thanks for the suggestion! I hope you are doing well! xx

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