I am despondent this morning.

Ashamed and embarrassed of my country. Worried about the future. Electing a  fascist hate monster makes me feel unsafe, like we have a target on our collective backs now because we have elected someone who spews hatred and bigotry and they are going to now spew it back to us.

The only fact that gives me solace are that: I live in a blue, blue state, a real Liberal bastion.  My state did not vote for the hate monster. I am also not a minority, unless you count women as a minority. I feel so much worse for my LGBT+ friends, POC, and other minorities. They must be much more fearful and distrustful than I am, based on what has transpired.

I wanted more for my son.

I wanted to watch the first woman president be inaugurated in January with him. I wanted a more inclusive and accepting country for him.

I wish I could go give President Obama a great, big bear hug and never let go.

Seeing the outright glee in my Facebook news feed from some of my “friends” was also disturbing. So, I went on a friends purge. Immature? Maybe. Is it “just politics”? When people are going on and agreeing with the racism, bigotry and xenophobia then it is MORE than just politics. It is a core belief system, one that I am at odds with, and I don’t want or need that in my life.

Is that un-American? I don’t care if people have their own beliefs. I don’t have to like them or agree with them and I certainly don’t need to be “social media friends” with them.

I had a bio-physical profile this morning with MFM and everything was great. That put a smile on my face, but only for a few minutes. I will have a non-stress test tomorrow with my OB. Everything is moving right along. I would write more about it, but I feel in such personal disarray that the gumption to go into more detail escapes me.

How could this happen?


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19 Responses to Speechless

  1. RJ says:

    I take slight solace that I live in a very blue state in an incredibly liberal area. But what a horrible outcome. And not at all what I expected. What is wrong with people? I just can’t believe people agree with him!

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    • I know it. And I think I need to take a step back from social media all together at this point – some of the posts criticizing liberals for being upset, criticizing the peaceful protests last night – really are making me sick. Last I checked we have the First Amendment and can peacefully organize! Just not against a Rebublican I guess!


  2. I too am despondent. I think I’m sort of in shock.
    But, I am going to focus your biophysical profile this morning, I need some happiness in my day, and this is happy news! I am so glad your little guy is looking good! This is absolutely great news!! Now, lets just work on giving him (and Baby MPB) a great world to grow-up in, regardless of this election result.

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    • Yes, I am trying to focus on the positives but everything I watch the news or log on Twitter I get all riled up again. But the BPP did look good – perfect 8 out of 8 score. And the NST today was well too. Those are all positive things. And hopefully when my son is 4 a new president will be taking office and this will be a distant memory!

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  3. calcandide says:

    There’s a big difference between having different political views and actively supporting racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. I’m about to unfriend a few people too.

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  4. Honestly, I was not surprised by his victory, but I was surprised by how easily he won. I was expecting a much tighter result. I’m very very disappointed and somewhat afraid of the uncertain future (even though I’m not American nor I live in the US).
    However, it’s great to hear your son is doing so well! I’m very happy for you and Trump can’t take that away from me!

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    • The sad fact is, the majority in the US voted for HRC. He did not win the popular vote. But, because of the arcane Electoral College system, he wins. Funny, the very “rigged system” he railed against is what brought him to power and he’s silent about it.

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      • Yeah, I saw that later on. It really is a pity. Your electoral system is rather complicated though. And I’m also still waiting for some journalist to ask him if he still thinks the election was ‘rigged’. I guess we move on and hope for the best (or impeach him if he doesn’t follow the rules).

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  5. jivf says:

    I feel sick that he’s going to be the president. The media was so bias because no one expected it and everyone seems shocked that it happened. Her concession speech was so sad and so powerful – it shows how much of a true leader she is.

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  6. I am deeply grieving right now. I am so sad and scared. The only small comfort I have is that she won the popular vote, so over half of our country stands against racism, misogyny and wants things like affordable healthcare and college, equal marriage rights, abortion rights etc. it’s not much, but it’s something.

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  7. Still speechless. (Or cursing.)
    But I’m glad things with the little one look good.

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