WARNING: I typically don’t write about my political leanings, although I’m sure I’ve written enough for most to realize that I lean “to the left, to the left” as Beyonce would say. I’m sure the majority of you don’t care about my politics, or care to read about my political beliefs, but this is my blog and I feel compelled to share something because I am honestly disgusted by the hateful rhetoric that’s come about this election season. Whether it be masochism, racism, xenophobia, sexual assault, etc. – it’s all pure garbage and it’s consumed much of the news this election because of one man. So please, if you’ve had enough of people bitching about the election and the candidates and politics, please just scroll on past this or “X” out of this because it’s only me whining about the election.

Where is all the substantive policy discussion? “I have many, many ideas” – WTF does that even mean? Please share them. Rather than knowing the policy positions of one of the candidates that I’m asked to consider voting for, I instead know that he brags about grabbing women by the pussy (read: sexual assault). The fact that “Check out sex tape” is now a THING is disappointing and embarrassing. Why is a candidate for president encouraging us to watch a non-existent sex tape? The level of political discourse has been lowered dramatically and quite frankly I think that people in other countries across the world must be laughing at us for having this bully so close to the presidency. Because, he has proven that he is, in fact, a bully.

I also found comments during the last debate regarding abortion to be disgusting, not to mention the previous comments and actions by the VP candidate. I am a woman who has terminated three pregnancies due to fetal abnormalities. “Termination for Medical Reasons.” TFMR is a nice way to dress it up, but guess what? It’s abortion. I went to the hospital pregnant – I was put under for 30-45 minutes, and I woke up and I was no longer pregnant. Three times. Do I wish I had never been put into those situations? You betcha. Do I regret my decisions? I did the best I could with what I was given. I regret that my babies were sick – I don’t regret my decisions once I was given the information. Even though I terminated for medical reasons, it’s none of my business WHY anyone terminates. They should be able to do what they want to do.

And to think I should be “punished” or my doctor should be “punished.” My doctors did what I wanted – they presented all the options, and their professional medical opinions, and pledged to support me either way. Quite frankly I am THANKFUL for them – I knew that I was in capable hands and that they did the best for me that they could. They didn’t want my babies to be sick any more than I did. Why should they be punished for helping me carry out my own wishes and keeping me safe and complication free?

Not to mention… seemingly not understanding checks and balances and the difference in powers of judicial, legislative and executive branches (i.e. one senator is responsible for all issues and should have fixed all issues)… essentially spitting on the concept of a peaceful transition of power… inciting distrust in our election system and encouraging fraud and intimidation… running a multi-year smear campaign against our first black president… it’s just sickening. I don’t have enough time or energy to talk about all the things that bother me. Basically, he is just not a decent person. What is wrong with wanting some basic decency and empathy in a president? I would think everyone would want that, but I guess I am wrong since ~45% of the electorate appears to support a person who makes fun of the handicapped, and pregnant women (imagine that, me – an inconvenience!).

Let’s keep a whole religion of people out. Let’s build a wall to keep another segment out. Why anyone would want to emigrate to our country, after one of our major political parties nominated a hate monster as its candidate, is beyond me. They want to come here to deal with the shitstorm he’s started? Maybe they will support a wall if only to keep us out on November 9th if this bully is elected president, because I would want to leave.

Our most dangerous enemy is not Russian hackers, ISIS, or WikiLeaks. It’s whatever societal cancer that brought about Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee.





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21 Responses to #ImWithHer

  1. Absolutely beautifully written.

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  2. RJ says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to be an American right now with the state of our election. You are a fantastic writer and I am completely behind everything you’ve said.

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  3. Arwen says:

    I’m genuinely sick with worry about this and I’m not even American!! Although I am British and we’ve got our own racist bigots currently doing everything they can to enforce Brexit and pursue their own hateful agendas. I’m so sad about the world right now…

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    • I don’t get to vote here ….but if Trump won I would seriously be considering what kind of country do I really want to live in. I’m not even sure I want to even go back to the UK either!!!

      I too have hated the debate about abortion – well I’m not sure you can say debated. Trump has clearly never been on the debating team at school! I liked it when Hiliary said ‘if you go meet these women you’d understand….’. Trump’s words show how ignorant and uneducated he is about the subject (which apparently is a devisive subject in these elections so should be very important to him).

      I’m afraid of seeing what happened in the UK with increase in hate crimes after Brexit vote would happen here in the US…the only difference here is that everyone has guns and racial tensions are not exactly low right now ….😔

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I find it strange how coy many people are when talking about their political preferences and who they vote for!!! A while ago I was told off for talking about it at the dinner table with some older generation folks 🙄

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      • You’re right, Trump clearly never debated and also did not prepare at all for any of the debates. It’s a downright embarrassment that he didn’t take that more seriously, but his supporters don’t care.
        As for sharing thoughts, I know they say you aren’t supposed to speak about religion or politics at the dinner table, but I would gladly speak about both! I have no qualms sharing my opinions and feel I can support them adequately. I enjoy talking politics. I try not to do it here, because that isn’t the focus or point of my blog, but it’s something I feel strongly about and, frankly, I’m very worried about what happens if he wins. I don’t think it will be pretty either way – if he wins, our country goes to crap. If she wins, he may contest the results, refuse to concede, incite riots and violence. He is doing that already.


    • Ugh. Me too. I don’t know as much about the situation in the UK as I should, so I can’t speak to it, but from what I have read I don’t think I would support the Brexit. It’s just sad when these outrageous fringe groups do these things by fear mongering and disregarding reality. So out of touch.


  4. C.Baker says:


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  5. Preach! I can’t even with this election. I am so anxious about it that my stomach is constantly in knots. Unlike a lot of our peeps who are saying Hillary is the lesser of two evils (gimme a f*cking break), I am entisiastically, wholeheartedly WITH HER!

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    • I am very anxious about it too. I keep stalking websites like 538 for new information and I’m turned in to Anderson Cooper each night. I just can’t believe it has come to this! She is much more than just “the lesser of two evils”… she’s a smart, accomplished, strong woman who I think will get shit done! And who has a level head on her shoulders. I think she would absolutely do a wonderful job representing our nation across the globe.

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  6. I’m in Europe and I must say we are way passed thinking this is funny. Trump winning is a real possibility and a very scary one for the global scene, given US importance and power. I hope US citizens will take this as seriously as it demands. The debate on abortion was terrible, but I thought Clinton defended her position really well.

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    • Believe me, it is a scary possibility to some of us in the US too. I never thought he was funny, even at the beginning before he tore up the GOP. Unfortunately, it seems as if there are a lot of people that he “speaks to” and enjoy his brand of… whatever it is he’s doing… I just hope that enough HRC supporters are galvanized and show up at the polls. In general I find HRC supporters to be less vocal than Trump supporters, but as long as they vote I don’t care how vocal they are on social media or in public.

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  7. oneyeartofixthis says:

    I agree 100% and have also written about it. UGH!

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  8. Well, said and you are right – it is your blog and you can write what you want! It’s the beauty of it. I’ve completely disengaged from the election coverage because I’m so sick over the possibility of Trump being elected, particularly all the horrible rhetoric about women. Way to speak your mind. #imwithher

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  9. ChickinNH says:

    You are a member of PantsuitNation on FB, right?

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