Ready to exhale

I’ve been in a funk the past few days. It started Sunday night really, and has continued through this evening. I feel just really sort of down, like I want to cry, and just sort of SAD. In a way that I haven’t through (most) of this pregnancy. In fact, I had been feeling relatively “up” after the shower (and anxiety) had passed.

Now, I feel dreary and tired.

I am tired. It’s more than the drizzle outside. It’s more than the hormones.

I guess it started when one of my mother’s dogs had to be rushed to the vet over the weekend and had emergency surgery. Now he has a 50/50 chance of making it. He had an intestinal blockage, they did surgery. He’s home now, but isn’t eating and when he had bloodwork done yesterday his white blood count was up, which obviously is a sign of infection. It makes me sad to think of him not eating and losing weight and not being himself. He’s typically a pain in the butt and admittedly isn’t my favorite of her dogs, and he’s too rambunctious, but he does have his sweet moments and doesn’t deserve this. Seeing him listless, the complete opposite of himself, makes me want to cry.

Then today one of our good friends lost their dog to Lymphoma. He was a boxer, only a year or two older than my own Layla. Such a handsome boy, we would also call him Layla’s boyfriend. That made me want to cry.

Also, I’m back on the Facebook and I follow so many animal rescue groups and animal shelters. Seeing all those animals every day in my news feed, abandoned or sick or injured, makes me want to cry. I think I need to deactivate my Facebook again if only so I don’t have to see those poor animals. I don’t mind donating, in fact I donate often when I see a really terrible case and to shelters all over, but it’s very emotionally taxing to see it all the time and that it’s just going to keep coming.

Today we had another growth scan with MFM. Baby Boy was practice breathing, and is up to 4 lbs. 4 oz. He’s gone from the 60th percentile to the 63rd percentile, fluid levels good, and his heart rate was 159. I was concerned that it was a bit higher than usual (usually at our ultrasounds and OB visits it’s in the 149-151 range) but Dr. T said it’s perfectly normal to fluctuate, especially if we caught him at an active time. His head was crammed down in my pelvis, so we couldn’t get any good 4D or profile shots, but he stuck his tongue out at one point so I guess he has my attitude. Dr. T is recommending that we do weekly non-stress tests with my OB, starting around 34/35 weeks I believe. She said that typically if a patient has some underlying diagnosis, or if they had lost a pregnancy due to a placenta issue or the like, she would recommend it. Although we don’t fall into those categories, her thought is that I’ve never been this pregnant before and we’re getting to the home stretch, and she wants to make sure that everything is holding up and that there is not something we overlook. She compared it to taking out a small insurance policy and she is a conservative physician – she sees nothing wrong in any of our scans and everything continues to look good, BUT, I am a “special patient” and we STILL don’t have the genetic test results back from Children’s Hospital, so although there is nothing wrong that we know of or that is obvious on any scans, she wants to cross every t and dot every i. But she made sure to mention more than once that everything she sees looks fine, it’s just my terrible history.

See that?!? I am a special patient! Take note, world. But I mean, I get it. I am worried of the unknown too. I am worried that my placenta will just give out or something equally horrible that I haven’t dreamed up yet will happen. I worry about it every day.

And that’s when I started to cry. I want my baby here. It’s been almost three years since my first positive pregnancy test. This is my fourth pregnancy. All the visits and procedures and genetic tests and worries and ultrasounds – today marked my eighth ultrasound for this pregnancy. I am getting to the point where I feel exhausted and drained, emotionally/mentally at least. I am mentally tired. I have been through the losses and been fighting and pushing and now I am tired. I am not giving up by any means, or quitting, but I am ready for him to be here. I am ready to meet him and hold him – I know he still has some growing and developing to do, and he is not ready, but I am ready. I am ready to breathe out. Of course Dr. T and E understood and held my hand until it passed. Like they always do. I wonder when I’ll run out of tears.

The Husband was a little concerned as we discussed it on the drive home – “Just when we think everything is great they want to do more testing! We can’t relax!” I tried to explain that NSTs are not uncommon, and that everything looks fine and Dr. T is just trying to provide us more assurances/comfort than what the ultrasound can offer.

Now I have my regularly scheduled OB visit tomorrow, our hospital tour/preparing for childbirth class this weekend, our maternity photos next week, another OB visit in two weeks, a growth scan in four weeks, and by then I’ll be 35 weeks. I hope by then I’m feeling more upbeat! Although I guess we all deserve those days once in a while, those dreary days when we just want to curl up and lay in bed and shut out the world.

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10 Responses to Ready to exhale

  1. Hubby is very right – there is no space to relax – it isn’t easy!! 😔 you have a lot on your plate coming up too! Take it easy!!! Easy for me to say, I know 😊 (just noticed the 3 times I’ve used the word ‘easy’ 😳)

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  2. Im sorry you have been feeling down. Those animal sites are the worst, I had to unfollow them all bc I was a mess everytime I saw a post with one in need, injured or sick. Im sure it doesnt help that u are dealing with animal issues close to home to top it off.
    Im glad your doctor is being so proactive about monitoring u for the home stretch. I hope mine does the same. The thought of something going wrong this late makes me a wreck (a more than usual wreck), as I know it does u too. U are almost there…stay strong, u can do it

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  3. sbach1222 says:

    So sorry about the puppies 😦 You have had a rough time of things lately, as if pregnancy after loss isn’t hard enough!

    We are here. Baby is okay right now. You are okay right now. That’s what matters.


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  4. KT says:

    That is around the same time in my pregnancy that I too started to feel down/overwhelmed. After four losses with no real explanation I was very closely monitored and had weekly ultrasounds and NSTs from 30 weeks on. In fact I had 25 ultrasounds on my miracle baby in total : ) It was stressful and tiring and I had a few emotional breakdowns on the way to or from our MFM specialist but all those tests and scans were probably the only thing keeping me sane. The ability to know that our son was being so closely monitored helped me keep fears of stillbirth and other issues at bay.

    I do understand where you and husband are coming from on just wanted all the medical stuff to be over. I just felt so defeated when I thought of all the people out there who just got to go to regular appointments and be a regular pregnant person without all the added fear and stress. But in the end, I know how lucky I was to have such amazing doctors on my side (and I know you do too) who helped get my sweet rainbow baby here safely.

    Hope these last few weeks fly by!

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  5. After all you have been through to get to this point, I can imagine it’s only normal to be feeling this way. Just keep hanging in there and it’s not so long till you will get to finally meet your baby. Hugs

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  6. RJ says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s little doggie and your friends beloved dog. It’s so hard to watch/read the animal rescue commercials. I struggle through those as well.

    I’m glad to hear baby is growing well! My baby is deep in my pelvis as well so no good head shots for me either. I can understand that your doctor just wants to take extra good care of you based on your history. The NSTs are very easy and usually quick.

    However, I can relate to worrying about something going wrong, I worry every day as well. This is also my 4th pregnancy and although a very different history from yours, I sometimes have a hard time believing that this time is different (even two days before full term and my scheduled induction). It’s an emotionally draining way to live and I don’t think you will run out of tears, you just learn to deal with the feelings. Just like you’re already doing.

    My hubby also wishes there was less testing as he is just so excited to have the baby. I wish I could have his attitude (but I am glad for the extra reassurance and scans).

    Anyway I’m rambling but I want you to know that you’re not alone in your feelings and we are all here for you. I hope you feel better. Hugs.

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  7. Sending hugs and love. I am so excited for the day you get to hold your little one and be done with the pregnancy worries.

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  8. Sending hugs and hope you get to exhale soon. xo

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  9. My husband basically said the same thing! They almost have too many technical advances which I am grateful for but at some point I think you do need to draw a line!

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  10. jivf says:

    How are you feeling? How’s your mom’s dog?
    I totally get unfollowing certain trigger groups on facebook.

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