30 Weeks and Baby Shower

Today we have officially hit the 30 week mark! I can’t believe it! I know I keep saying that, but as we keep climbing up in weeks it feels surreal.

Last Friday I had a visit with my OB which went well. I got my flu shot, and will get Tdap next visit. I didn’t want to be a pin cushion and since my next visit is in two weeks, still within the recommended timeframe, I decided to do them separately and start with the flu shot. My fundal measurement was 32 cm, which she said was a “little larger than expected” but she reviewed the last ultrasound report, and since he was measuring in the 60th percentile, she had no concerns. I’ve gained 25 lbs. total now, which she said was still within the 25 – 35lb range she would expect. All went well and my next visit is a growth scan with MFM in two weeks. I will start having 3 weeks/month now – 2 with my OB and 1 with MFM for a growth scan.

Our baby shower was this weekend as well! It felt like our wedding in that it was a BLUR. I was having a bit of anxiety right up until the time we walked in. But once we walked in, and I got over the “deer in headlights” feeling and had a moment to collect my thoughts, it was much better. I really loved everything! My mom and friends really did a great job and everything was just lovely. There were I think… 60 people there! My mother went overboard in her excitement with inviting a lot of people, including some of her own friends whom I had never met, and then we had some people show up that originally responded no so I heard about the scramble to get extra place settings at some of the tables. It was a bit overwhelming at first, I have to admit. But once I got acclimated I really didn’t feel the anxiety or sadness that I felt earlier in the week. I’m glad I got it out of me before the shower so I could enjoy the shower.

We had a buffet for breakfast with all of our favorites – french toast, scrambled eggs, home fries and bacon, along with a chicken alfredo and salad for those that wanted a lunch. there was also a mimosa bar, which I could not take part in but would have been right up my alley. So needless to say I was a bit rushed all morning – first with going to all the tables and saying hi to everyone, then we were first for the buffet so we could eat and then move to gift opening while others were still eating, then the gift opening. My friends M and L were helping by writing down the gifts and givers and then moving stuff out of the way. I had to tell them I needed a break to even go to the bathroom and get a cupcake. We had chocolate cake and red velvet cupcakes! My best friend M’s aunt is a baker and made them. SO DELICIOUS. There were also a few games – a bingo game for the gift opening, a “Guess the size of the bump” game, and a “Don’t say the word ‘baby'” game. The prizes were cute – blue OPI nail polishes and nail files in a mason jar. The favors were mason jars filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite candy) and Hershey Kisses (The Husband’s favorite candy) in blue wrapping. Β I was not able to take any pictures for myself, because time just didn’t warrant it and I felt like I was being pulled in 50 directions all morning (but in a good way) but I’ve had some friends forward me some. All in all, I think my nerves got the best of me leading up to the party and in the end I had a great time and I was so happy to see our family and friends, everyone seemed so happy and excited, and to celebrate our baby. I feel like he (and we) deserve it. And I definitely have enough to do to keep me busy for the time being, what with organizing and washing and assembling all of this good stuff. I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity and it is definitely very humbling, especially after all we have been through.

It was a long road toΒ get to that pointΒ and I remember back to this time last year, when I thought this would not happen for us and I was feeling so low, and now I feel glad that I had a morning where I could feel genuinely happy and excited. If you had told me this time last year that we would have had that celebration this weekend, a day shy of exactly one year after our third loss, I would not have believed it. And now I am sitting in our brand new glider in our baby boy’s room and typing this. Someone pinch me.


Game table


Diapers galore!


Completely overwhelmed by all these gifts!


Cake and cupcakes, with two small diaper cakes


Close up of the cake – little footballs and golf balls on them, since The Husband is an avid golfer


Table set with the favors, diaper cake centerpiece and little blue pens to write out the bingo squares


Bouquet centerpiece at another table


Baby shower aftermath


Aftermath Part 2



So cute! I love this rocking chair and teddy bear.


Our new glider and ottoman that The Husband assembled today! The quilt is a handmade gift from one of my aunts.

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28 Responses to 30 Weeks and Baby Shower

  1. So, so happy for you! What a wonderful, deserved day. The cake & decorations were perfect! And how great that your anxiety went away. Love!

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  2. I am so glad you and baby were showered with so much love!!! The decorations and the cake look amazing!!

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  3. rachela28 says:

    All those diapers will come in handy! Looks like you had a wonderful baby shower

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  4. Aw, I’m so glad you got to enjoy it! Sounds wonderful! And look at that mountain of gifts πŸ™‚

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  5. This brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears for the most part. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy the moment and let the nerves and sadness go while all that love was being showered on you and baby boy.

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    • Thank you, friend. I am glad I was able to let those feelings go for the morning as well. I wore my special ring and necklace, that represent my mother babies, so I still got to feel they were with us in their own way. And of course it’s hard to be anything but happy with all the good food, treats and company πŸ™‚

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  6. RJ says:

    Congrats on 30 weeks! Getting close. I thought about you and the baby shower this weekend and I’m so happy that you were able to enjoy everyone celebrating your baby (and you)! Looks like you got some great stuff and now you have tons of nesting to do! And that blanket is beautiful. Enjoy, mama!

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  7. lyra211 says:

    YAAAAAAAY!!!! What a beautiful party! I’m so glad you had a great time, and those gifts are completely adorable. Your little guy is so very loved already!

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  8. babylossmama says:

    So beautiful! and we have that glider – you’ll looove it! Cutest baby clothes, too!

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  9. Sondra says:

    I just love this! πŸ’œ

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  10. 30 weeks and a baby shower!! I am so incredibly happy for you. The next few weeks go by too quick. Enjoy your belly ❀️❀️

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  11. The shower looks amazing! I know this is a very long shot since the state is so big but was your shower in Westport by any chance?

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  12. Happy news! What a fabulous shower and look at all of those wonderful presents. What a difference a year can make – so happy for you.

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