Due Date #3

Today is my third due date. It feels unreal that I might still be pregnant with Baby #3. It feels like so long ago that we got the bad news and I had my third procedure. Six months feels like a long time right now.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t do anything to help or fix you, Baby. I wish we had a chance to be a family together.

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38 Responses to Due Date #3

  1. You are gonna be a wonderful mommie!. I am sure that all the lost angels are guarding your next baby. I feel better when I think like that about my 4 lost angels. :).

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  2. Hugs to you, my friend. Due dates are really tough. I wish you had the chance to be a family together, too. Sending love and peace your way.

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  3. Sending you hugs and love!

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  4. CJandMe says:

    Big hugs πŸ™‚

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  5. RJ says:

    These dates never get easier. I am so sorry you never got the chance to be a family. It’s just so unfair, you don’t deserve it, nor do any of your babies. Sending love and hugs.

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  6. Sending do much love. These dates are the hardest.

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  7. leemc2417 says:

    I’m so sorry. Due dates are never easy 😦

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  8. Mamalife says:

    I am soo sorry. Huge hugs.

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  9. Im sorry, days like these are so hard. Thinking of you.

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  10. kat71080 says:

    That little baby is shining down on you. And helping guide your future miracle baby to you. It just has to be.

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  11. My thoughts are with you and your angels ❀ XOXO

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  12. I’m sorry too. And it isn’t just 6 months now. You’ve been waiting what feels like forever. I’m continuing to hold you in my heart and thoughts and hoping real answers and options come your way soon.

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  13. Nara says:

    Sending you hugs xx

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  14. I’m so sorry… you’re a wonderful mother who did all you could! My thoughts are with you. Many hugs

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  15. lyra211 says:

    I am so sorry. I wish your baby was here with you now.

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  16. jivf says:

    The what-if dates are so hard. Thinking of you and hoping you get some helpful information soon.

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  17. I wish for such a different outcome for you and your babies. Hang in there on these especially tough days.

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