Mandala Fun

Yesterday’s post notwithstanding, I’ve been trying lately to relax more and take time away to focus on me, centering myself and being in a better mood. Acupuncture, yoga, running, gratitude journal – just a few examples of activities I’ve undertaken for this mission.Β After receiving a few recommendations I decided to pick up The Mandala Coloring Book as part of my plan to decompress, reduce stress and help pass the time. I’ve had it for a few weeks but didn’t start using it until this past weekend. I quickly became engrossed in this, and although it was slow going at first (my first took about two hours!!) I quickly got into a groove. I was amazed at how quickly time passed once I had chosen my colors and started.

I posted one of my pictures on Facebook, and after seeing it my grandmother picked me up a coloring book (birds and butterflies theme)Β and another set of colored pencils. So I have plenty to keep me busy now! Thanks Nana.

I don’t consider myself a “creative” or “artistic” person – I ended up in finance, after all. But here are a few of my creations. I’ve been using colored pencils, not crayons or markers.FullSizeRender-1





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21 Responses to Mandala Fun

  1. You are awesome! I should really try this too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Love it! I have the same book!

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  3. valleyally says:

    This is great! I have one too. Time flies when coloring and it definitely relieves some sort of stress for me too.

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  4. Looks awesome!I love the colors. You have very nice color combination skills. I use an app called ‘Colorfy’. You can try it!.

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  5. Nara says:

    Haha! That just shows more patience than I can even imagine. My BFF bought me an adult colouring book and I told her I love her but I hate colouring! (I’m way too impatient and hate colouring within the lines!) I so admire your patience! πŸ™‚

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  6. I love mandalas. These are fantastic. I keep seeing those colouring books but never get one. I would be a fast addict I’m sure.

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  7. Pretty!! I really should take my colouring book out.

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  8. This is so cool! I’ve been reading all about adult coloring books and I think I would love doing this. Yours are beautiful!

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  9. I bought one after I saw it in your blog and love it. Look at all these people whose life you make better through your blogging and your support? I am one of them. I could not have survived the last few months without you.

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