February Favorites III

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For the past few years my Nana has been on a kick where she gives away her jewelry. Her philosophy has been that she’d rather give items to her grandchildren and see them use it rather than waiting until she passes and then we all get it then. I guess I “get it”, but it’s odd when she randomly shows up at my mother’s house for Sunday dinner with a bag full of jewelry and asks me to pick out which items I want to take home. She tries to be fair between my mother, my aunt, me and my two female cousins, but recently she gave my cousin a diamond ring that she had previously promised to my mother and my mother was.not.pleased. That’s neither here nor there though… one of the items I chose was a three stone diamond pendant. This was about two years ago, before my three losses. I had bought rings to memorialize each of my first two losses (one and two), but nothing yet for the third. Now when I wear this pendant it reminds me of each of the babies I lost. I don’t wear it every day, just like I don’t wear my rings every day, but I wear it when I need to be reminded or particularly want that connection.


I was a bit skeptical of these when my mother first told me about them. But these are SO COMFORTABLE. I have a set of the “Softwear Stretch” collection and I flipping love it! They are tight fitting, so if you don’t like clingy clothes it may not be for you, but I literally feel like I don’t have any clothes on when I wear them. And The Husband said they make me “look thin” – not that I’m worried about my appearance when I’m lounging around the house, but it’s nice to know that  they are tight fitting and flattering as well. Perfect loungewear for me.


Over the past few years I’ve become a big fan of scarves during winter and fall. And it seems like every time I go out to Target or Kohl’s I find another scarf that I think would look perfect with such and such outfit. My scarf collection has grown a lot during the past four or five months, and I’ve been exercising restraint when out shopping lately – otherwise I would have a closet overflowing with them. I prefer the infinity style, but have some of other styles. And since it’s been chilly around these parts lately they are the perfect accessory to add some pop to an outfit and keep me warm.


There’s more where this came from.

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6 Responses to February Favorites III

  1. These cuddleduds (totally invented my own spelling haha) look so comfy! I might go here for my leggings next…thanks for the link!

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  2. Scarves are my favorite! Love the collections. Thank you!!

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  3. I LOVE scarves! I even got a scarf holder for Christmas this year.

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  4. jivf says:

    The three diamond pendant is beautiful, even more so with the meaning behind it.

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  5. Love the pendant, so beautiful! I never bought anything to remember my babies by, but I have the scars from the ectopic surgery (3 scars, and two of them are very bulgy and visible). I used to hate them, but know, every time I look at it or touch it I think of my babies (in a good way). It probably sounds creepy, but I guess it’s like if I had a tattoo. Or maybe I’m just weird. 😊
    The scarves are great too, I used to have lots of them, now I never use them. Should get me some new ones!

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  6. Oh man, I would live in some cuddle duds!

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