February 16, 2014


Another snow storm this weekend. I am sick of the snow and feeling trapped in the house. Especially because right now our kitchen floor is torn up, the whole room is a mess. We are having a tile floor put in.

My appointment this week went well. The heartbeat was there, and everything seems good so far. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow for the anatomy scan. And finding out the sex of the baby. Once we know the sex I feel like I can finally start planning the room, buying things, registering for gifts, etc. Trying to keep my thoughts positive that everything will be okay and the baby is healthy.

I am still on a Modern Family kick, but I’m also watching Orange is the New Black. And the Winter Olympics.

Since November I have been sharing the entries from the journal I kept during my first pregnancy. This is where the original pregnancy journal entries end. The following week, at the anatomy scan on February 24, is when we found out that the pregnancy was not viable and that the baby had severe, lethal abnormalities. I didn’t go back and “finish” that story until earlier this year, almost two years later.

I suppose this story picks up again in April 2014, when I started this blog.

We never found out the sex of the baby. But, I thought then and still think  now that it was a boy.

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11 Responses to February 16, 2014

  1. Sending love and prayers today.

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  2. RJ says:

    Sending lots of love and support your way. I have been moved by your sharing of your first pregnancy.

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  3. I have no words! Sending love and hugs❤️

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  4. These posts are hard for me to read but I do (read) because it is important to me to honour where you are now and have been. I am thinking of you and sending warmth from my heart to yours.

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  5. jwhitworth7 says:

    I really admire what you are doing by posting these entries. So difficult to do and I hope they are helping process things. Sending you love!

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  6. Sending you love and strength as you approach these very difficult days… Hugs

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  7. I admire your courage to revisit all of these emotions. It will be a year ago on the 27th for my loss. I think its such a good idea to process through what each loss means for you. Thinking about you today! ❤

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  8. So much love and hugs!

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  9. Just thinking of you…lots of love…xoxo

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