February 1, 2014


Here we are in February already. It’s a boring Saturday night. We had pizza for dinner, now just relaxing at home. I have been on a Modern Family kick lately. Thank goodness for Netflix.

I am 15 weeks and 6 days. Not so much sick anymore but I still feel disinterested in food and eating. I wish I didn’t have to eat at all. Blah.

I am trying not to worry about “What could go wrong” and “What if” but it is hard. My mind always wants to wander. Not eating well, not enough exercise, eating the wrong things, etc. I worry about it and more. Waiting between doctor appointments is hard. What if something is wrong and I don’t know it?

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4 Responses to February 1, 2014

  1. RJ says:

    😦 How do you feel when you go back and read these journal entries? Now that you know the outcome, do you feel like you knew in your heart? Sometimes I wish I would have documented more of my pregnancies (even though they were short-lived) just to remember the feelings. I wonder how it would make me feel. Thank you for sharing.

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    • The first time I went back and read them was hard, but now it’s not as hard. It’s a part of my life so I can’t ignore or forget it. And yes, when I read some of my entries it is eery – almost as if I knew deep down and was just waiting for it. I guess our intuition and gut feelings should be trusted and are more accurate than we give them credit for at times!


  2. It’s so hard to go back and read about your own doubts that turned out to be correct, isn’t it? I never announced my twin pregnancy on Facebook because I wanted to be “in the safe zone” first. Haha.

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