December 29, 2013


Christmas has come and gone. Now on to New Year’s. Christmas went well.

I went to the doctor’s three days ago. All went well. She said the baby was moving (legs and arms.) I couldn’t really tell.

Now I have started to feel anxious about the house. We have three bedrooms, but it’s small. I have acquired too much stuff in 30 years. I don’t know where all this stuff is going to go once one room becomes the baby’s room. I have months to figure it out. I have been trying to sell stuff on eBay and yard sale sites on Facebook. Stuff I don’t need or use. I’ve been able to sell a few items but not a lot.

Next appointment is January 13 for the Integrated Screening. More bloodwork, yay! (That was sarcastic.)

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2 Responses to December 29, 2013

  1. gsmwc02 says:

    Sending strength

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