Airing a Grievance {Happy Festivus Georgie!}

Today is Festivus! For those of you that are Seinfeld fans I am sure you are well versed in the holiday that Frank Costanza created because he despised all commercial and religious aspects of Christmas. For those of you that are not Seinfeld fans or are not familiar with the episode “The Strike”, I highly recommend it. Today. Because December 23rd is indeed Festivus and if you’re going to watch it you might as well watch it today!

The three features of Festivus are: The Festivus Pole, Airing Grievances and Feats of Strength. Probably unsurprisingly, Airing Grievances is my favorite.

In the grand tradition of Festivus I am going to air a grievance right now – and, it’s something that just happened today so it’s ripe for the airing. Today I received in the mail a holiday card. I opened it in breathless anticipation of the cute photo I was sure to see. Instead I was assaulted by an ultrasound photo.

“Happy Holidays! New Addition coming June 2016!”

{Here’s a picture of my uterus!}

Good grief people. Nobody wants to see  that on your holiday card. I want to see a picture of you doing something fun, or amazing photos from some fun vacation, or a cute picture of any living children you have. Or your pets. Preferably just send me a picture of your pets. Please don’t send me a picture of your innards.

Thank you to my friend J for giving me a grievance to air. I’m not even bothered by the fact that she’s having a child, because she’s more than a few years older than me and our situations aren’t really comparable, but I am bothered that she put her announcement on a damn holiday card. And, it’s not so much the announcement but the ultrasound photo. No. Just no.

The pregnancy announcements are coming. They won’t be denied.

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13 Responses to Airing a Grievance {Happy Festivus Georgie!}

  1. Again, OMG…that is all!

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  2. calcandide says:

    I’m so grateful I’ve never received an ultrasound picture as a Christmas card, that probably would have sent me over the edge. But, speaking of sending people pictures of innards as Christmas cards, a friend of mine had to have a colonoscopy several years ago (her father died of colon cancer and she had to start screening much earlier than your average person). She wanted to use pictures from the colonoscopy as Christmas cards. Luckily (I suppose?) her husband refused to go along, so we were all spared the joy of receiving actual photographs of someone’s innards for Christmas (although I would have much preferred her colonoscopy pictures to someone’s ultrasound).

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  3. Wow, there no limits I guess! I’m glad this type of Xmas cards are not a thing here!

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  4. Yup, an ultrasound announcement is just not necessary!! It would have ruined my day to open that card.

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  5. RJ says:

    Wow, I certainly don’t want to see that. How obnoxious. I’ll have to watch that episode, I’ve only seen a handful of them!!

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  6. This made me chuckle. I’ve been dreading opening Christmas cards this year for exactly this reason. Ugh. Just ugh.

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