Allllllrighty Then

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth although it feels that way. I’m still here!

In a few days I will be 11 weeks pregnant. The past few weeks have been busy at work (August 31st is our fiscal year end, so it’s always a busy time for us in Finance) and when I get home from work I really just want to lay down and sleep! The nausea is still around (I’ve only vomited twice but “gag” many times throughout the day.) I have no interest in any foods – I just don’t even want to eat, until my stomach feels like its going to cave in on itself and then I have to. I have also been incredibly cranky and bitchy. In fact the other day I was describing a situation I encountered at work to The Husband, and he said “Wow – you are ruthless!” I don’t think that I was, but I find that I have less of a tolerance for things I don’t like or people I don’t like. I suppose I need to work on this instead of just hoping it passes soon.

I had an appointment at my OB’s office a week and a half ago and I’d actually lost one pound since July 31st. Probably because everything makes me want to gag and I don’t want to eat. We were also able to hear baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler! I was only 9 1/2 weeks at the time, but given that this is my third pregnancy and I’m on the smaller side the NP was confident she could find it. Well, at first she couldn’t, so she brought in the portable ultrasound machine so she could locate baby’s position. We saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound and knew it was there so I was fine with that, but she also tried again to find the heartbeat now that she knew where to look and the second time worked! I think I like hearing it more than I like seeing it. I met with the NP, not an OB, and she went over the practice and the different providers and their philosophy on pregnancy and childbirth. They have doctors, nurse practitioners and midwives on staff. The doctors all rotate coverage at the hospital and there is always a midwife at the hospital to attend to births if that’s what the patient chooses. Although Dr. F is my doctor of record, and she handles all my yearly physical needs, I can choose to meet exclusively with their midwives throughout my pregnancy or Dr. F. I’ve actually been considering the midwife route. I know that technically right now I am “high risk”, but assuming that I make it through the anatomy scan and baby has no issues I don’t know if I would still be considered high risk. My past pregnancy issues were due to fetal abnormalities, not for any problems with me necessarily. Call (back) the midwife! 

I’ve gotten all my bloodwork back now, and I was very glad to see that my TSH level is within normal range! During my first two pregnancies it was elevated and during my second I was put on levothryoxine to regulate it. Both times it was near 3.0. This time it was below 2.0 – it was 1.9. So I was glad to see that. The only result that was flagged was Mean Corpuscular hgb. It was slightly above the range – I think the max they like to see is 33 and mine was 33.2 I was floored when I read that a cause for this can be FOLATE DEFICIENCY. I am taking 3.8mg of Folate which (800 mcg in my prenatal vitamin and then three 1mg tablets). They recommend taking 4mg for women who have a history of pregnancies with NTD, but 3.8mg was as close as I could get given the vitamins I use without going over. I don’t understand how I could be deficient when I am taking all this extra folate – I think they recommend only 400 mcg for low risk pregnancies. And then I keep wondering, what if that .2mcg makes all the difference? It seems nominal, right? But what do I know anyway.

Wednesday is my next appointment with MFM at the hospital. It just so happens that my appointment is one year to the day of when we got a second opinion and confirmation of our second baby’s diagnosis of anencephaly. So in the grand scheme of this journey of mine it’s really not a day with “good” memories but I’m hoping that it changes this week. Dr. T is hoping that we’ll be able to rule out anencephaly with the ultrasound and I’ll also get blood drawn for some non-invasive testing and meet with E. At my last appointment Dr. T did mention that she was “optimistic” that this baby did NOT have anencephaly and mentioned that, although it was really early (only 8 weeks at the time) she thought she could see the brain fully forming. E also mentioned that she was optimistic about it as well. I hope they are right.


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8 Responses to Allllllrighty Then

  1. Katy says:

    That meme! Both are probably true. #pregnancyhormonesFTW much love to you guys ❤


  2. lyra211 says:

    Sorry you’re still feeling sick. 😦 Otherwise it sounds like you’ve had nothing but good news, which is great! Your practice sounds like the best of both worlds — OBs available, but enough midwives to guarantee a midwife-led birth if you want one. Wish there were something like that around here (and it sounds like you’ve had better care than me in the past too, with access to D&E instead of induced labor in the 2nd trimester — maybe I should move to Boston!).

    Good luck with the scan at MFM this week — I hope they can definitively rule out anencephaly for you. I very much recognize the feelings about anniversaries — our early anatomy scan (17 weeks) this Thursday will be just one day before the anniversary of the day we found out our daughter had died at 18 weeks gestation. I’m mostly just hoping that we get reassuring news (i.e., a boring, normal anatomy scan) to get us through the emotional minefield of the next couple of weeks. I hope you get fabulous news on the anniversary of your diagnosis!

    Hang in there… did you start to feel better at this point in previous pregnancies? Both times, 11 weeks has been when I’ve definitively turned the corner and started to feel more like a human being again. I hope the same is true for you and that you start to feel better soon!


  3. CJandMe says:

    Good news! 🙂


  4. Glad to hear you’re OK and things are going well. Fingers crossed for your next appointment. Much love to you ❤


  5. I’m also sick! we could be nausea-buddies! good luck for the next appointment!


  6. Hope Wednesday goes great!!


  7. Good news all around! I’ll join your doctors in being optimistic. Fingers crossed that all looks good going forward and so very, very happy for you. It will be nice to have the one-year anniversary result in some positive news. I’m thinking of you.


  8. I am sorry I read this post after your most recent one. I’ve already emailed my RI but wanted to tell you that I have a feeling there is something immunological going on here. The TSH spikes and folate deficiency despite high intake of folic acid are red flags. This could be a MTHFR issue but there may be more at play. Or maybe it is something genetic that they don’t yet know to test for. At any rate I am just so so so sorry. And I will be in touch if my RI has any helpful thoughts.

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