Preparing for the Weekend

My last post was about my beach bag and all the must have items that I’ve grown accustomed to packing for my day visits to the beach. I’m really on autopilot now when it comes to getting ready.

One area of packing that I have not mastered is packing for a weekend getaway. Obviously, if I’m going away for only two nights, there’s no need for a big bag and a carry on should be sufficient. However, the process is usually a disaster and it takes me days to pack.

First I throw everything that I want to bring, my “wish list” in a big pile days before I leave. Then I weed through it slowly – separating the less practical “wants” from the more practical “needs & wants.” Then I go through a dry run of packing, to see how it all fits in my small carryon luggage. Then I weed through it again.


Do you think this is enough for a weekend?!?

One of my girlfriends and I are going away tomorrow for a girls weekend. Only two nights, so this should be simple. But it’s hard for me to pick outfits I love that could work in different situations. And we’ve bought tickets for “touristy” things, we aren’t going to just be lounging by the pool sipping drinks (although we plan to do that a little bit!)  And I need shoes. And my camera (which isn’t a small digital). And toiletries. And iPad with charger, and phone charger, and book. Sometimes I try and bring workout clothes and sneakers, but the only time I ever use the hotel gym is when I travel for work. You would think that at 32 years old I would have it together and be able to quickly and efficiently choose a few outfits and necessities to last me a weekend away, but no. So, on top of the typical anxiety I have around flying, I have packing anxiety too!

It’s easier when I am traveling for work, because for me work outfits are easier to choose. And I’ll be working, so outfit choices are generally limited to the same types of clothes. But this time it’s travel for pleasure! I know, I know – first world problems. I should count my lucky stars that I  have the opportunity to travel once in a while and can afford it, and not stress so much about having perfect outfits and dressing for any possible scenario.

I’m glad to be getting away. When my friend suggested a girls weekend trip we decided to put a list together of all the places we’d like to go in the US, that could be done in a weekend, and then start knocking them off the list. This is our first trip. We are leaving early tomorrow afternoon and returning Sunday night. A quick trip, but it’s a change of scenery, a change of pace, and it will distract me from wondering about my random, long cycle and whether or not I will ever have a healthy, living baby. Hopefully no worrying about that, no worrying about family drama, just spending time with a friend and experiencing some of what a new (to me) city has to offer.

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