Rockin’ and Rollin’

These past two or three weeks have been really crazy busy in my world. For starters, in a span of 24 hours this week (between Monday afternoon and noon on today) I had to give three different presentations at work, to three different groups of people. One of these presentations was a group presentation with three others, so we spent a lot of time preparing for that. Not a lot of time was left free during “work hours” to do my actual day to day job due to these preparations so there were a few nights when I brought my laptop home and worked from home until 9:30 or so.

And our weekends have been busy with plans with friends and family parties, such as my aunt’s 50th birthday.

All of this is good of course, but it hasn’t left me much time to myself to blog or keep up with everyone else’s blogs! I’ve tried to read when I can, but honestly haven’t been able to comment much – but I’ve tried to “Like” what I’ve read to show my support.

I also feel like I haven’t had anything interesting to write about – good, bad or indifferent. Right now we are on our own with our baby making adventure. Getting pregnant hasn’t been our problem in the past, creating a healthy pregnancy has been the issue. We’ve done all the genetic testing available to us, we were told there were no issues found that should prevent us from having a healthy pregnancy, so now we are left to our own devices. No treatments, no protocols, no medications. Basically we are just doing our thing when we want to do it, and I’m taking my BBT in the mornings.  And of course – dodging the pregnant people, avoiding the people with kids, and trying not to feel really bitter (that part is really really hard.)

I did win a Fitbit a few weeks back and when I first started using it, it was running my life! I’ve been joining daily challenges and weekend challenges and the “Workweek Hustle” and on some nights, when not working, I’ve been running in place in front of the TV or doing jumping jacks in the kitchen when waiting for dinner to be ready. It was really fun/ny actually. These past two days I’ve totally slacked due to the work commitments but I’m hoping that tomorrow I can pick right up again.

Next month marks my one year “Blogiversary” and I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started writing. It’s kind of cool, because I think of all the people I’ve “met” and how those stories have touched me and stuck with me, and how great their support has been. But it’s also kind of disheartening, because I’m basically in the same place I was when I started writing. Maybe not as grief stricken every day, but still no baby, still no answers. Although I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never have an answer.

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7 Responses to Rockin’ and Rollin’

  1. It was nice to read an update from you – I’m glad life is keeping you occupied, although it sounds like you might be just a bit too busy!

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  2. ChickinNH says:

    I’m glad you updated, I was just thinking about you earlier today. Good luck with the fitness and work craziness!

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  3. Great to read an update! My job has also been nuts lately. I hope your presentations went well! Xo.

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  4. Krystal says:

    I understand not updating! I haven’t been great with blogging lately either and am now just catching up. I hope you are doing well. Glad you posted!


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