Day 27: 10 People I Would Invite to Dinner and Why. Dinner Menu?

The WordPress monster ate the draft I started for this challenge post, boo! And I don’t have the energy or desire to get all “into it” like I did the first time. But, here goes. The challenge didn’t stipulate whether or not the person had to be alive, but because I can’t invite dead people to dinner and expect them to eat or converse (at least not on this side of eternity) I am sticking with living people. Just know that if I were to invite someone who has passed, it would be my grandfather (who passed when I was 18) and my babies. And Jackie O.And I’m not choosing anyone that I have dinner with regularly (friends, family, coworkers).

Menu? Yes, I’d have one 😉 Salad, chicken piccata and tiramisu for dessert.

  • Hillary Clinton. Because Hill-Dawg ’16.
  • Ekaterina Grodeeva, my favorite figure skater. Love love love her.



  • Jon Stewart. Because I’m going to miss him gracing my DVR each day.
  • Stephen Colbert. Because I miss him and his show.
  • Jennifer Aniston. Because I want some of her attitude on life to rub off on me.
  • Betty White. To find out the secret to her youthful survival.
  • Larry David. Social assassin. Is this a counter intuitive choice?image
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson. For his brilliance.
  • Jay Z. To learn the secret to his success despite his 99 problems and all.
  • The 10th is a tie between Natalie Portman (because I think she is smart and beautiful) and Barack Obama (because, leader of the free world and all.)
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1 Response to Day 27: 10 People I Would Invite to Dinner and Why. Dinner Menu?

  1. A table with your babies, your grandfather and Jackie O. sounds pretty sweet! And also, go Hil-Dawg!

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