Day 26: A Quote I Always Live By

I don’t think there is any one quote I live by. But there are quotes that stick by me (and not just funny lines from movies!) I think one that has stuck by me most is one I came across during a trip to Menemsha. For those of you not familiar with Martha’s Vineyard or Menemsha, it is a little (working) fishing village on the island. It is the one spot on the island where you get a clear shot of the sun setting over the Atlantic with no obstruction. It’s really really very lovely. It’s also the background for JAWS! Seriously, scenes from Jaws were filmed there. But that’s not why I love it (I’ve never watched Jaws.) When we vacation on the island we head out to Menemsha one of our nights to watch the sunset. Lots of people do – it’s an event. There’s tailgating, wine, laughter and beautiful scenery. If you ever travel to the island you should definitely watch a sunset there at least once. Anyway, we stopped at a local restaurant (Menemsha Galley) to pick up some fried seafood (for our friends) and chicken wings (for me), french fries, etc. to eat at our tailgate and I saw the following quote:


The secret to life is enjoying the passing of time.

I had to take a picture.

Because I love Menemsha and to convince everyone that they must visit there if they visit the island, here are some pictures from past trips.


Menemsha Harbor


The crowds on the beach waiting for Mother Nature’s show


Cloudy night at the harbor


Dutcher Dock


The sun beginning its descent.


Happy crowds in a celebratory mood.


Panorama view (didn’t come out very well, my bad.)


Mother Nature’s fireworks.

IMG_3664 IMG_2504


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  1. Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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