Day 23: When Was The Last Time I Cried and Why?

The last time I cried. I feel like I’ve cried much more this past year than any other time of my life. Ugh.

Anyway, I did tear up Sunday when The Husband dropped me off at the airport. We brought our dog L with is, because she loves car rides and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before I’m,eft. And yes, when I opened the back door to reach in and hug her at the drop off I did have a tear. She looked so aware, so interested in all the airport hustle and bustle. Her head was going every which way with all the people and voices. I didn’t CRY but I did tear up.

My last really good cry was probably a few weeks ago. I just cried because I felt so sad. I think part of it was hormones (it was the start of “Shark Week”), frustration, sadness, everything. I sat out in the living room that night by myself just cursing life.

On to nicer things – my trip is going well! The hotel is nice, the meetings have been good and the weather has been good (nice, warm, sunny South Florida) and the people have been nice.

A departing cruise ship

A departing cruise ship

I wanted to write more and catch up on some of my missed challenge posts but cocktails start soon. And I need to catch up on work emails. The days have been long and when I go to bed I can get through a chapter or two of Gone Girl before my eyes are just so heavy I zonk out.

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2 Responses to Day 23: When Was The Last Time I Cried and Why?

  1. I’m glad South Florida is treating you well!!


  2. ChickinNH says:

    I’m glad your trip is going well! it sucks around here (as usual lately) so soak up that decent weather while you can! (And I have totally teared up before leaving my pup.)

    I know I haven’t commented on too many of these posts lately but I’m always reading! ❤


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