Day 20: Where Do I See Myself in Ten Years?

I totally slacked on the blogging challenge yesterday. It’s not that I forgot, it’s just that I was so busy. I was non stop at work (trying to finish up as much as possible before I leave tomorrow morning for my trip), not only trying to clear items off my “To Do List” but also prepare for the trip and the meetings! So I worked late yesterday, then The Husband and I went out to dinner with his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend, and then by the time we got home I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

So now, I am taking a break from packing to complete Day 20!

Where do I see myself in 10 years? Hopefully working for the same company I work for now (this is the happiest I have been with work in my adult life), living in the same general area (maybe a slightly bigger house, our ranch is pretty full now), hopefully with a better perspective on the past year and my losses. I don’t know if I’ll have kids or not. I used to think I would, but this last year has taught me not to count my chickens and that life isn’t going to work out the way I planned. So I guess I don’t really know.

I’m not sure if there is anything I know with 100% certainty about my future – except that today I am packing and getting a pedicure (so happy to pull out my sandals and open toed shoes today!) and then having dinner with the family at my mother’s house. Tomorrow is my dog L’s 6th birthday and like any good parents, The Husband and I always celebrate with her and her “friends” (her friends are my mother’s 3 dogs; we buy them special dog treats and get ice cream cake for the humans.)

In ten years I’ll be 41. Hopefully it will be better to me than 31.

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3 Responses to Day 20: Where Do I See Myself in Ten Years?

  1. I like the hope that in 10 years life will be good/better, but I really like your acceptance that you aren’t 100% sure if what’s to come.
    Have an amazing vacation and happy birthday to L! I love the doggy and human celebration. 🙂

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