Day 19: Some Of My Worst Habits

I solicited The Husband’s input on this one. According to him two of my worst habits are:

  • Huffing and sighing a lot
  • Slamming cabinet doors/refrigerator door closed

Yes, I totally do those things.

Now, according to me, some of my worst habits are:

  • Being pessimistic
  • I bite and chew on Wint-o-Green lifesavers. I buy the individually wrapped kind, then suck on them for a minute or two like a normal person would. Then when it’s soft I bite in to it and eat it. I can’t just suck on them until they are gone.
  • Procrastination. I’m a fan of waiting until the last minute to do things. Sometimes I feel like I do best under pressure or with deadlines looming. Sometimes I think I’m just hoping things will go away and I don’t deal with them until I must.
  • I’m late a lot. A few minutes late to work; late to parties. Late when going out with friends. I’d rather be late for something rather than early and wasting my time waiting for others.
  • Pick my nails. I don’t bite my nails, I pick my nails. I’ve gotten better over the years but I still do this occasionally.
  • Swearing. I swear like a sailor when angry or excited.
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2 Responses to Day 19: Some Of My Worst Habits

  1. Hahaha!!! Your list is exactly the same as mine, especially the ‘late’ one. No one understands me with that!! Glad to have ‘met’ someone, albeit at the other side of the world, who gets it! Haha 🙂


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