Day 11: If I Won The Lottery

Wow, this is a fun one! The Husband and I always have this discussion – if we are driving somewhere together we will randomly start listing all the things we’d do/buy and go off into Fantasy Land. For the purposes of this blog post I am going to assume that it is one of the MEGA MEGA MEGA MILLIONS winnings – like clearing $200 million or so.

  1. Quit my job
  2. Pay off all my student loans
  3. Buy a house in Florida on a golf course (one of The Husband’s demands)
  4. Buy a summer house on Martha’s Vineyard
  5. Buy a lot of land in the town where I grew up and build a house there for when it isn’t summer and we aren’t in Florida
  6. Buy my mother a new house
  7. Pay off my father’s house (I don’t like his girlfriend so they are not getting a new house from me)
  8. Find my grandmother a place to live that isn’t an old folks community and hire help for her
  9. Donate to animal shelters, humane societies, wildlife groups
  10. Donate to the hospital where my support group meetings were held
  11. Set up a scholarship at my high school
  12. Hire a personal trainer and a chef so I can get fitness help and eat healthy (and not have to cook myself), practice more yoga
  13. Take horseback riding lessons
  14. Visit Europe  (London, Paris, Rome,  Venice, Santorini, Athens, etc.)
  15. Visit other places in the Americas I haven’t been to yet – Bermuda, Hawaii, New Orleans, Grand Canyon, California coast
  16. Buy a Range Rover and whatever car The Husband wants
  17. Invest
  18. Not worry about the price of possible medical bills and treatments because having a baby isn’t coming as easily or cheaply as I thought it would

I feel like this list is all me me me, and not enough giving back. I feel like there are other things I’d like to do too but can’t remember them all.

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6 Responses to Day 11: If I Won The Lottery

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    DW and I play this hypothetical game all the time, and it’s so hard because the possibilities are endless, which I guess is why it’s so fun.

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  2. Fun! I need to play this game sometime. Right now I’m too depressed about our incredible debt from all of my medical/fertility expenses of the past several years to want to think about spending money. 😦

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