Day 3: Daily Rituals

I don’t have many rituals, but here goes. Alarm goes off at 6:37 (always an odd number.) I take my BBT and 1/2 my daily vitamins. Then depending on the day I shower (sometimes I shower at night, sometimes morning.) Then it’s a big cluster for me to get ready for work – I am not a morning person to say the least. I scramble to and fro – brushing my teeth, picking out an outfit, feeding the cat, putting on makeup, getting a drink of juice, grabbing breakfast. I am very disorganized in the morning.

At night before bed my ritual is taking the other 1/2 of my vitamins, putting medicinal cream on my hands (I have eczema) and getting out the thermometer for the next morning. I have my evening facial care routine and flossing my teeth. Then I check Twitter and blogs and try to relax.

I have other things I do every day but not always in the same order or manner so I don’t consider them rituals.

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2 Responses to Day 3: Daily Rituals

  1. I am a morning person and a Virgo so should be organized but my morning rituals are much like yours. I wish I were more efficient and focused so I got out the door faster but I end up doing a lot of housework at insanely early hours lately in addition to getting ready. Your routine sounds much less scattered by comparison! Nice to learn a little more about you in posts like this one.

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