31 Day Blogging Challenge: Go!

So I’m taking a page from a fellow blogger, Our Greatest Desire, and decided to do the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. Maybe I should have chosen a month that actually has 31 days, but whatever. I figured this would be one way to keep me blogging and connected this month – it’s going to be a difficult month for me and my natural tendency is to pull away and withdraw into myself. However if there is one thing my support group taught me, it’s that being connected and the presence of others can be very comforting so I am going to try and do that, even if it’s just through this blog. Day 1 is introduce yourself and post a recent picture.

I’m Ashleigh from Massachusetts. I will be 32 years old next month. I have known my husband (he is 36) since we were in elementary school, but we didn’t start dating until I was in college. I was born and raised Catholic but right now I’d have to say I am an atheist. My political leanings are liberal. I’m a New England Patriots fan (#doyourjob!) and looking forward to tonight’s Super Bowl. I do support all Boston teams but have never been to a Celtics game, have been to only one Bruins game and a handful of Red Sox games. I have two pet children (a dog and a cat) and I adore and spoil them. I have one brother who is a year younger than me. I like to read, run, and practice yoga. I took figure skating lessons for 11 years and quit when I was 17. My favorite foods are pizza, fried chicken and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. My favorite vacation spots are Martha’s Vineyard and West Palm Beach. My favorite TV shows are The Americans, Modern Family, Mad Men, The Goldbergs and The Daily Show (I have a TV addiction and my DVR is always in overdrive.) I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Political Science and an MBA – I work in Finance. My husband and I have lost two babies in the past year and TFMR each time.

Wow, I kinda feel like that introduction could take the place of tomorrow’s 20 Facts About Me!

Anyway, here’s a recent picture of me – today to be exact. Gotta rep my favorite team. I do try to keep this blog somewhat anonymous so …. didn’t really want to put a head shot.

Photo on 2-1-15 at 11.32 AM #2


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15 Responses to 31 Day Blogging Challenge: Go!

  1. I’m so excited to read all about you!

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  2. Ooh, I think I want to do this as well to pass the time! Nice to meet you. I’m in Massachusetts too!

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  3. Recurrentlyhopeful says:

    🙂 we have so much in common. Born the same year, I am a fellow cat and dog spoiler, pizza and peanut butter cup lover and signed up for a blogging challenge this month too. Its lovely to learn more about you x

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  4. I’ll be reading away! I too draw back when going through difficult times (which is the correct definition of 2014 for me). I have been trying to “go back to the people”, but I admit it’s so hard… I have even refrained from blogging since I don’t feel I have anything important to share… Looking forward to learning something new about you every day!

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  5. I am officially obsessed that you used to be an ice skater! I (along with every other little girl in the world) have always wanted to be an I’ve skater. Did you compete in competitions and wear fancy sparkle outfits? Did you used to dream about being in the Olympics? I need all the details!

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    • I did compete in regional competitions and skated in local shows. I never really wanted to be in the Olympics, I really just liked moving across the ice and the theatrics and making up routines. I just wanted to skate and skate and skate and not be “judged.” I actually miss it a lot, it was a great creative outlet. I would have loved to have been a pairs skater and tried out with one boy once but it didn’t work out.

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