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Annnnnnd we’re talking about your kids again

Today I went to a “Baby Sprinkle” for my best friend, M. M’s second daughter is due in early January. To read about my *awesome* (is there a sarcasm font?) reaction to her pregnancy feel free to click here. It’s … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

When I was growing up I loved celebrating birthdays and holidays, especially Christmas. I remember how excited I would get. Even for other people’s birthdays. And I remember running around to my parents, yelling Merry Christmas, yelling Happy Birthday. And … Continue reading

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Liebster Award!

       Last week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful My Perfect Breakdown. For those of you that aren’t following her, she is an amazingly strong, thoughtful woman and I always look forward to reading … Continue reading

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Hanging Tough

After I made my Scrooge post this weekend, my mother came over Sunday morning to see the new doors we had installed in our kitchen (we have been working on some home renovations this year.) She walked in and immediately … Continue reading

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You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

So, I’m supposed to be putting together a Christmas list right now for The Husband. He is doing his shopping tonight and wants a list. As I’ve gotten older it’s been harder and harder for me to put together a … Continue reading

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Ashleigh, Massachusetts

Originally posted on 1 in 10:
Wife, daughter, sister, mother to two angels and two fur children. After five years of marriage, my husband and I decided it was time to add children to our family. After five months of trying, we…

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Hello December

December 1st-  I have to say I am extremely relieved and happy that it is finally December. This has been the worst, longest year of my life. Feb. 24th was the day my whole life changed; since then I feel … Continue reading

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