Troubles will come, and they will pass

So after two consecutive sad, melancholy posts I think I am due for a more positive post, yes?

1 – The genetic counselor called back with the microarray results on Baby #2. The baby’s chromosomes were normal – none missing, no trisomy. Normal. Which I was expecting – from what I’ve learned and heard of anencephaly it isn’t necessarily related to a chromosomal issue. So, that was good news (I guess.)

2 – After thinking about it all weekend, and discussing with The Husband, I decided I am going to get a new start with a new doctor. E provided a recommendation, and after looking the doctor up, reading reviews, etc. I decided to go ahead with the recommendation. Dr. F. And, luckily for me Dr. F is accepting new patients. Now the process starts of switching practices. Her office is a little further away than ideal BUT, if I have to drive ten extra minutes to see a great doctor then so be it. She is not affiliated with Tufts but she is affiliated with the hospital where E works and where we have support group meetings. E’s recommendation means a lot to me because she, better than anyone else except The Husband, knows how I feel, knows what I’ve been through, and “gets it.” I have full confidence that she would not refer me to anyone who could not offer me the care I need. She also send Dr. F an email to let her know I would be calling so she had some information to bridge the gap beforehand. I am looking forward to this new start.

3 – My “monthly visitor” arrived yesterday! I had been having slight slight cramping leading up to Thursday night’s acupuncture appointment. I told J about it, and how I really was hoping it would NOT take eight weeks again (I told her at my first appointment that regulating my cycle was a major goal for me with regard to acupuncture.) She thought about it and then did her thing. Then Saturday and Sunday I started having stronger cramps – and then I woke up Monday morning and yep, it had arrived. I was, oddly enough, thrilled to see this. Five weeks and four days is a heck of a lot better than eight weeks. I don’t know if it was entirely due to the acupuncture, or if it would have happened on its own this soon, but I think that the acupuncture along with drinking the raspberry leaf tea right away helped. 

It’s amazing how little things like this can mean so much right now. A year ago, something like getting my period meant nothing really – except that I didn’t get pregnant that cycle. Switching doctors wouldn’t have been meaningful. Now I feel like this is all so important. Maybe it’s important because I feel like I am actively doing something – I am being an active participant in this and not just sitting home feeling sorry for myself. I am going to acupuncture to improve myself – switching doctors for my mental well being – excited for my period because it means that physically I am not broken and my body realizes it is no longer pregnant. Sometimes it really is just the small things that make the difference in how your day goes. And after having so many bad days, and realizing how quickly a good day can go to bad and how low the lows can be, I am going to be happy to experience a good day today.

I’ve started reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I’ve gotten pregnant twice in the past year, so I guess we have done something right in that regard, but I really just want to learn more about my body and my cycle and what all the hormones do that I’ve been reading about in my research and on other people’s blogs. I took Health and Sex Ed. in school, of course, but honestly it did NOT prepare me for the “real world” of trying to have a child. Maybe for people without any issues, who have happy healthy pregnancies and conceive easily, those classes are enough. But now I’m in this world and my basic knowledge isn’t helping me. So I’ve had to put down the Bill Clinton autobiography (that I started in JUNE and am not even halfway through yet!) to read this. Bill can wait!

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14 Responses to Troubles will come, and they will pass

  1. Good for you – I think everything you are doing is so healthy for your physical and emotional well being. I really need to give acupuncture a try – I've heard so many great things about it. I hope you have a lot more good days ahead of you! XOXO


  2. myfireflies says:

    Yay for your period! Glad to know things are doing a bit better and that acupuncture is helping!! Hugs!


  3. Jen MacKeen says:

    I'm so happy that all of this has made you feel better! That is so great that you are taking charge of all of this. It's very hard sometimes when you feel sad to just say “OK ENOUGH! I'm going to do something about it” and you did! Go you!!!!!


  4. CalCandide says:

    It feels weird to say it, but YAY for your period!


  5. ChickinNH says:

    Great update! And so glad to hear that Baby #2's chromosomes were normal 🙂


  6. Thank you! I just started acupuncture and so far I have totally enjoyed it and think it has been helpful. I recommend it!


  7. Thank you. I hope you are doing well =)


  8. Haha I know.. Usually you never want it – when you are ttc or not, it's just such a hassle. BUT in this case, I'll take it!


  9. Thank you =) I hope you are feeling okay and able to relax a little bit.


  10. myhopejar says:

    I'm so glad AF arrived and you feel a bit better hon. It really is amazing how the little things can make or break your day. I'm also glad you found a new doctor. I think it's so important to feel safe and comfortable with your doctor, and after everything you've been through, I think it's a good time for a change. As for TCOYF, I totally recommend that book. It really does give a lot of information about our bodies that those basic sex ed classes never even touched upon!


  11. Thank you so much my dear. I am glad for a new doctor too! Even though I haven't met her yet (appointment is not until mid-November) it feels good that I took this step and have the appointment booked. 🙂


  12. When things are tough, the small things make a world of difference. So glad your period started and that you have found a new doctor. I hope it makes you feel better about going to the doctor. Looking forward to hearing about your first appointment. I also liked the book “It's All About the Egg” if you are interested in another good read.


  13. Thank you. I tried looking up “It's All About the Egg” on Amazon but couldn't find one with that exact title. Could it be “It Starts With the Egg”?


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