Will it ever be my turn?!

I can’t believe freaking Serena van der Woodsen is probably going to give birth to a real life living baby before me. Really, life?

Each morning I get an email from People as part of my subscription. It lists all the news of the past 24 hours. I can’t believe HOW MUCH of it revolves around pregnancy and birth. On one hand I want to say – PEOPLE GIVE BIRTH EVERY DAY! JUST BECAUSE MILA KUNIS DOES IT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S BREAKING NEWS!!!! What about the rest of the world who gives birth without all this fanfare and celebration? Give me a freaking break!!!

Today it says “Kimora Lee Simmons pregnant with 4th child!” Who cares? What has Kimora Lee done with her life that warrants me caring about her spawning another child???

And I thought the yoga class I did tonight would relax me! Until I went online and was ambushed with all this nonsense. I guess deleting my Facebook wasn’t enough, apparently I need to just stay off the internet, not check my email, not watch the news and have blinders on when I go to work so I don’t see all the pregnant ladies there. 

Okay, rant over. Back to my regularly scheduled evening of catching up on my DVR.
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8 Responses to Will it ever be my turn?!

  1. myfireflies says:

    Ha! I deleted my Instagram account the moment I found out there was something wrong with our baby. I know it's foolish and childish but I really don't care. My sanity should be above all things right now. On the other hand, I don't even know who Kimora Lee is!! Life is pretty unfair. But we're in this together. That gives me a little bit of comfort… Knowing I'm not alone.


  2. Jen MacKeen says:

    I too get so overwelmed by all of this baby news. I refused to delete my facebook because I figured that the baby news was everywhere I looked. I'm not sure if this is some kind of baby boom or if I just didnt notice before but it seems EVERYONE is pregnant (unfortinitely except us) The celebrity pregnancies dont bother me as much as people I know. People that I see that are pregnant that either have a bunch of kids they cant possibly take care of or people that I know will not give a child the same kind of life I could. They bother me more. I will probably end up deleting my facebook as well because of this reason. And I agree with the above life is unfair but atleast we have a community here of people that truly understand.


  3. Mel says:

    I agree, that's all People talks about anymore is who is having a baby, who has delivered a baby, what they named baby…blah, blah, blah. I love, love, love the Duggers, but when Jill announced at six weeks that she was pregnant after being married a whole two weeks, it was just about all I could do not to throw my phone across the room.


  4. Oh, my gosh – I laughed out loud when I read the opening line to your post. I'm not at all trying to make light of the rest, but the reference to Serena van der Woodsen just cracked me up. I felt the same way when I saw that news was announced (like I felt about Kate Middleton, only maybe even more envious because Blake Lively will also likely be the most beautiful pregnant woman ever).

    Anyway. I deleted my FB account in January and haven't missed it for a second. You have to do what helps you. And you WILL have your turn. You will.

    I hope you had a good night with your DVR 🙂 I spent some time with mine last night, too.


  5. Please don't worry about making light of anything when laughing, because I got a giggle out of it too! I'm not ashamed to admit that Gossip Girl was a guilty pleasure of mine, if only for Blair's outfits 🙂


  6. My gosh I know! When I ever saw that on the cover I cringed to myself. I didn't even read the articles and brought the magazine right to work and gave it away to one of my coworkers. I just can't believe that!


  7. For me, I think I noticed it before but it never bothered me because I hadn't had any losses yet or hadn't started trying yet. And, maybe it is a little bit of a “boom” because we're at that age now where people are more family oriented. I deleted my Facebook a few weeks ago, and while at times I feel curious about what certain people are doing I decided that if it's not someone I would call and have a conversation with then I really don't need to know about their life.


  8. I don't think it is foolish OR childish. I think it's something that needs to be done to protect our hearts and ourselves. Ten years ago we never had any Instagram or Twitter or whatnot, and we got along just fine! Hugs to you.


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