Good vibrations

Last Thursday I had my first acupuncture appointment. The acupuncturist was a recommendation from E, the perinatal counselor who facilitates the support group I attended. I always feel better having a recommendation from someone I know and trust, and I wasn’t disappointed.

J, the acupuncturist, was very nice and I felt very comfortable with her. I filled out a four page intake form, then office policies, etc. Then she brought me back to the room where we did a more extensive verbal intake – physical history, diet questions, questions about my pregnancies and procedures. She had a couple of recommendations for me – 1)Increase the amount of egg in my diet, specifically local farm raised, 2)Stop using synthetic prenatal vitamins and check out MegaFood prenatal vitamins, 3)Research Folinic Acid and (this came up when I went over Baby #2’s Anencaphaly diagnosis and my increased intake of Folic Acid.) I wrote down her suggestions and am going to try this new prenatal vitamin, however I haven’t started yet. The last time I bought my prenatals at CVS they had a sale, so I bought a few extra, which I am going through now. I plan on switching when I am finished with my last bottle (which should be in less than a month.) She also wanted to know what all the doctors have said about my karotype results, irregular cycles, etc. To be honest, none of the doctors ever seemed concerned about my cycles being irregular or too long. Their basic sentiment was “Well, you’re eggs are getting fertilized and you’re getting pregnant.” But J agreed she’d like to see my cycle get more regular. She was also curious to know if I was ovulating out of both sides; and I don’t know. We never did any tests on that because, again, I was getting pregnant! But she seemed curious about that because I told her that I usually had pain on my left side, such as when I ovulated the past few cycles (I knew when it was because I was charting my temperature) and when I got pregnant my initial pains and twinges were on the left side. She was also pleased when I told her that I added raspberry leaf tea back into my diet after the most recent loss.

Then we did the acupuncture. She said she wanted to start by “resetting” my adrenals. She explained to me that it seemed like I had been through trauma – based on my pulses and when I described my feelings, emotions and thoughts. And really, why wouldn’t it seem that way she reasoned. It is a traumatic experience to lose two babies. So she totally understood my feelings and my goals and has worked with many women going through IVF, infertility, etc. In fact when I was leaving there was a VERY pregnant woman waiting for her in the waiting area.

As for the acupuncture itself, once I got used to the needles it was actually relaxing. I didn’t fall asleep, I think because I was very aware of my new surroundings, but it was peaceful. I could definitely feel the needles being inserted but once they were in and I was used to it I wasn’t bothered at all. Then she came in about 20-25 min. later and removed the needles. I made my next two appointments (she recommended weekly visits for the next two then evaluate from there) and I was on my way.

While I was driving home I felt very tired and yawned a lot, then felt hungry. When I got home I made a sandwich and had some leftover vegetables. The most prominent changed I noticed, as soon as that evening, was that my stomach was no longer in knots. My stomach had been in knots so long that it felt like my “new normal”, and when I was walking in the door after my appointment, I realized the knots were GONE! It was so strange – my stomach felt so light. I’ve noticed that since the appointment I feel a little more relaxed. And thoughts of my losses, ttc again, my grief and sadness, etc. haven’t always been at the forefront of my mind. I still think about them, and I still feel sadness about my losses, but I don’t feel as obsessed with those ideas. Friday I was even able to get out of bed when the alarm went off, get ready for work, etc. and didn’t lay about. And I haven’t cried since the visit. In general I have felt a little calmer, with the exception of last night – a combination of worrying about my brother and spending too much time watching and reading the news led to some anxiety.

Is this all due to the acupuncture? I don’t know. It’s only been one visit. And yes, I feel better, but it doesn’t erase everything. I know this isn’t a cure all, but I think this is one tool. I’m not cured, and my grief and sadness aren’t erased, but I just feel… better. I don’t feel as pessimistic, I don’t feel like I am going to fall apart, I don’t feel like I don’t want to wake up in the morning. Maybe party it’s also because I feel like I have taken a step to better myself, I’m not sitting around crying and wasting away, I made a conscious decision and took action to try and help myself. It feels good to take some action. Even if it’s only a small step.

I’m probably forgetting some of the things we spoke about but those are the things that stick out in my mind right now. I’m sure I’ll be mentioning this more in the future as I get more into the visits and learn more. But I’m very happy with my first visit and looking forward to my next on Thursday!

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8 Responses to Good vibrations

  1. It sounds like your appointment was very thorough and this woman sounds amazing. I'm glad you felt better afterward, whether because of the acupuncture or otherwise. I'm like you – I always feel sleepy after acupuncture. I've learned never to plan to exercise afterward b/c it NEVER happens.


  2. MEL says:

    I'm so glad the appointment went so well and that you are feeling better too. I've heard amazing things about accupuncture. Especially when it comes to fertility. XO


  3. I already can't wait for this Thursday's appointment. It's a little later in the evening so I am going to try and workout first and hopefully I'll sleep like a baby that night.


  4. Thanks so much! I will be sure to keep updating with my acupuncture progress. 🙂


  5. myfireflies says:

    Glad you're doing better. I'll look into it. Sadly I've read a couple of stories that went wrong with acupuncture in developing countries so I'll wait until I'm in the States again to try it. Keep updating us!


  6. Jen MacKeen says:

    I'm so glad that you feel a little better and that you feel like you are taking steps in the upward direction. I hope these days continue to go up.


  7. Thank you… hope you are doing well too 🙂


  8. I will for sure keep updating on my progress. I hope you are doing okay yourself, I know these past few weeks have been tough. Do you travel to the States often? Keeping you in my thoughts.


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