Watchin’ the ships roll in, then I watch them roll away again

Today’s appointment went well, as well as could be expected. Baby’s heart rate is 166 and was measuring two days ahead of schedule (9w6d, I am 9w4d). The fluid/blood that was there on the first ultrasound is gone. All my bloodwork from the last visit came back normal (except for the TSH, and I’ve been on the med for two weeks now). Everything was fine during my physical exam as well. So I can start exercising more (as long as it’s not too strenuous and I can breathe properly) and The Husband and I can be “intimate” again. Which, he was thrilled about.

Dr. S went over some options for screening/testing, and we are being set up for an appointment with a genetic counselor in two weeks. They are going to call with the appointment time and date. Dr. S’s office is a satellite of Tufts, and the genetic counselor doesn’t visit the satellite office so we will go in to Boston. Situations like this, and when I had my D&E in February, make me so thankful that Boston is only a 45 min. car ride away. So I see the genetic counselor in two weeks, and we’ll have an ultrasound and NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) (not sure if it is the Harmony test, MaterniT21, but it is some form of those or one of those). I asked if this was covered by insurance, and she said that based on the previous fetal abnormality it should be. I don’t know how I find out for sure. I have BCBS of MA, and I guess I can peruse their website or call them but I just haven’t had the gumption to do that yet. I also forgot to ask if this ultrasound covers the NT screening too; or, since I’m doing NIPT do I not need NT screening? Those are things that I think about now but didn’t then.

Dr. S also said that at this point in a pregnancy she usually sees patients every four weeks, but she’s more than happy to see me more often if I want/need. Even just to check in, hear the heartbeat, etc. I told her how much anxiety I was feeling, and also feeling somewhat depressed at times. She agreed with me that I probably won’t feel much relief until I get through the anatomy exam, but that hopefully the screenings will help me get some peace and ease my mind until I get to that point.

After the visit I went to visit my friend K who is visiting from Maryland. She grew up here but now lives there with her husband and young daughter (who is just a doll). She is one of the three friends I’ve told about the pregnancy. She had a gift for me – the book Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. She said it is very educational and empowering no matter your birth plan (natural, at home, water, in hospital). I am going to start it soon since I’m still wasting away in Bill Clinton autobiography land and need a break from him. I picked up some yummy Panera for us, and we caught up and chatted for a few hours this afternoon.

So that’s the big news to report today. All is well, at least for today. I am still exhausted pretty much all of my waking hours, and thankfully the morning sickness/tummy troubles haven’t been too bad (which is a change from my first pregnancy). I am going to roll with it and not take it for granted – the baby was okay, at least for today, so no sense in worrying why I don’t feel “sicker”.  And I have the day off tomorrow too, a nice four day weekend for myself, so I hope to get to the beach or the pool and then I have some errands.

Please excuse the sort of grayish shadow/blob towards the right/middle of the picture I took of the ultrasound photo. No too sure why that happened in the photo taking process! 
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2 Responses to Watchin’ the ships roll in, then I watch them roll away again

  1. myhopejar says:

    Yay! What a little cutie! I'm so happy for you! This is all great news. I had the NIPT test and was told it was the same as the MaterniT21 test, just the generic version of it. I bet the ultrasound will be the NT scan. It seems a little redundant since the NIPT rules out Downs with 99% accuracy, but I think they still like to do it. I had both and it was nice too because I got some reassurance on the day of the ultrasound since it takes a week for the NIPT test to come back. And yay for no morning sickness. My SIL has 3 healthy kids and didn't have any MS with any of them. It really doesn't mean anything. So happy for you! I will continue to keep you in my prayers hon!


  2. Thank you very much =) And I too will continue to keep you and your little man in my thoughts!


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