Spirits are using me, larger voices calling

Just a quick update as we just got home from our appointment and now have to pack up the car. My appointment today went well, as good as can be expected. The baby is measuring 6w1d, which is about a week and a few days behind what it would be if we went by my LMP (which isn’t surprising, I knew I didn’t ovulate until well after CD14.) The heartbeat is 116, which they said was good, they like to see at least 110.  They drew a whole bunch of blood, family history, my history, etc. etc.

The only small worry is that there is some (“a little bit of”) fluid around the yolk sac. That could explain the bleeding. The bleeding, by the way, is down to what I consider spotting now and is brownish, which they said is old blood. Dr. S said that she is likening it to a bruise right now, and that she wants me to come in for another ultrasound and an exam in three weeks so we can see what it is doing or if it is gone. She said many times the fluid gets absorbed and doesn’t cause a problem, but she still said no intercourse until I come back and to take it easy with the exercise – walking is fine, but nothing strenuous. She also mentioned that women can go through an entire pregnancy with spotting and some bleeding and still deliver a healthy full term baby. 

She also mentioned our options for genetic testing/screening but said we don’t have to decide now and we have time to think about it. We would discuss it more in three weeks. 

So all in all I am feeling relieved, and a bit cautiously optimistic, that the baby has survived thus far and there is a heartbeat which is in the normal range. I honestly thought when I saw the blood on Thursday that I miscarried then, but I didn’t. I’m a little worried about the fluid they saw today on the ultrasound, but I’m hoping it turns out to be nothing and that in three weeks it is gone. 

Today is also my due date – the due date of the baby we lost in February. I woke up this morning feeling somber about that and the appointment, but now the sun is out and I got what I will consider good news today (considering what I was expecting) so I am trying to enjoy that and just be appreciative of that today. I have spent so much time grieving and mourning the baby that I just want today to be filled with happy thoughts and happy memories of that pregnancy and not to be defined by the way it ended. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that, but that’s my intention. I had only 19 weeks with that baby and there are so many other things that happened in those 19 weeks besides the way it ended. 

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4 Responses to Spirits are using me, larger voices calling

  1. I've been looking forward to your update and am relieved to hear mostly good news. Yeah for a heartbeat and I hope the next u/s shows no fluid around the yolk sac and lots of growth for that little baby. Hang in there! And the due date… I am so sorry. Milestone days are, for me at least, particularly tough. So glad you have something happy to focus on…


  2. myhopejar says:

    I'm so happy and relieved for you that all is good with baby! I'm also glad the spotting has pretty much stopped. Praying all is good at your next scan and that all is good with the yolk sac too. I know today is a hard day, but glad you got some good news today to help you through this day. Big hug to you friend.


  3. Thank you for your kind words. We are thankful for the mostly good news, enjoying our little getaway and trying to relax. Hope you are doing well and feeling good yourself!


  4. Thank you! Yesterday was hard but the sun rose again today and we are enjoying our time away. Hoping all is well with you too!


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